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Murray Martin

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Handbook for Wintertime Trout Fanatics

          It’s during winter when we start seeing an increase in the frequency of frontal passages from the north. This increase in cold fronts means there will also be varying water levels, water clarity, and wind direction. To top things off, it’s going to be cold when you’re out there fishing in all of this. But,

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Bay Flats Lodge Texas | Sanitization

Ensuring a Safe Stay – Covid Update

       At Bay Flats Lodge, we’ve modified our way of doing business in order to enhance our customers’ safety and health. When you arrive at the lodge, you may notice that things have changed a bit. We have provided hand sanitizer dispenser stations throughout each property, with accompanying signage reminding guests of proper hand sanitation, and require all

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Zero Plastic Initiative

Capt. Chris Martin and his wife, Deb, have been hosting anglers and hunters at Bay Flats Lodge in Seadrift, Texas, for the past 25 years. Nothing makes them happier than sharing this incredible ecological community with their guests. As a token of their appreciation, Chris and Deb make sure each lodge guest is gifted with Yeti drinkware upon check-in.  

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Work Hard. Play Hard.

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WINTER SPECIAL Bay Fishing Rates Book a Bay Fishing trip now and save up to 29% when you take it between Jan. 15, 2021 and Feb. 28. 2021. Your trip includes lodging, meals, full-day of bay fishing, tackle, bait, fish cleaning and taxes. Save $148/guest – 29% Savings – on parties of 3 guests. Save $115/guest – 24% Savings –

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Differentiate Your Spread

Many seasoned duck hunters learned their sport by using time-honored ways and methods of the old-school hunters. This is where you go to your blind in the dark, throw out your decoys, and wait for shooting time. It’s a simple process that’s been used by duck hunters for a long while, and it’s still used today. It doesn’t require much

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November Fishing Forecast

November means change, and it’s generally the initial month for some fairly noticeable transitions along the Texas Gulf coast. This means we should’ve already experienced a couple significant cooling trends, and air and water temperatures will have already dropped. Along with altering weather conditions, we will begin to experience other types of transitions, as well. The first change this month

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