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Skiff Wanderer Discovers a Hidden Gem in Texas: Bay Flats Lodge

The Skiff Wanderer Visits Bay Flats Lodge

Bay Flats Lodge was pleased to host Peter, the man behind Skiff Wanderer, on his latest  adventure chasing redfish in Seadrift, Texas. He was able to document his time there, capturing the essence of a hidden jewel in the heart of Texas.  

Upon arriving at the lodge, Peter was immediately struck by its unique character; “Bay Flats Lodge is unlike anything you’d expect to find in Texas. In fact, you’d think it was a five star lodge in Belize.” . “This boutique lodge located on the shores of the San Antonio Bay offers an overseas fly fishing adventure experience without ever having to leave the states.”

The lodge’s location is paradoxically convenient yet remote. It is accessible enough to reach without much hassle, but still distanced from the city’s hustle and bustle. As Peter put it, “It’s somehow easy to get to, without being too easy.” Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a stunning view of the bay, setting the tone for the tranquil yet exciting experience that lies ahead.

One of the highlights of Bay Flats Lodge, as Peter discovered, is its culinary prowess. Guests are advised to time their arrival to coincide with appetizer hour as missing a meal here would be a crime. From the double-boned pork chops to the lunches waiting for guests in the skiff every day, the culinary experience is on another level. As per Peter’s recount, “The food is on another level.”

After a day spent on the water, the lodge offers comfortable accommodations, ensuring guests receive a good night’s rest. But for those who aren’t quite ready to retire for the day, there’s plenty of space around the fire pit to relax, share stories, and recap the day’s adventures.

Peter also highlighted the crystal-clear waters located a short skiff ride away from the lodge. A paradise for anglers, these waters are home to a plethora of redfish, making it an ideal spot for both novice and experienced fly fishers. “If you’re new to fly fishing, this has to be one of the best spots to try your luck at catching your first redfish on fly. If you’ve been fly fishing for a while and want a new adventure, with the lodge experience you’ve come to expect overseas then this has to be your next destination,” Peter noted.

During his visit, Peter also had the chance to record a podcast with the owner of the lodge, Chris, further exploring the stories and experiences that make Bay Flats Lodge a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an unusual yet enriching experience. Make sure to watch / listen at the link below. 

As we follow Peter, the Skiff Wanderer, on his adventures, we’re reminded that the journey is just as important as the destination. And sometimes, the most unexpected places become the most unforgettable. So, ready to pack your bags for the next adventure? Bay Flats Lodge is waiting.