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Texas Reds – Lone Star Low Land

The Local Knowledge Fishing Show focuses on the differing and often humorous viewpoints of two drastically different fishermen from opposite sides of the country. Ali Hussainy of San Diego, California, is the President of BD Outdoors, the largest fishing site on the web. Capt. Rush Maltz is a born and raised Florida Keys fishing guide. Each is a master on

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Our Environmental Promise: Zero Plastic Initiative

Take Home A Yeti Cup Capt. Chris Martin and his wife, Deb, have been hosting anglers and hunters at Bay Flats Lodge in Seadrift, Texas, for the past 25 years. Nothing makes them happier than sharing this incredible ecological community with their guests. At Bay Flats, our environmental promise, Zero Plastic Initiative is to protect the environment we enjoy everyday,

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Come Fly With Us!

From the bay system to the accommodations, from the sight casting to the upscale dining, we’re your coastal fly-fishing destination. Its where saltwater fly-fishing aficionados can expect each part of their trip to be the most incredible part of their experience.     Welcome To Fly-Fishing Paradise Speed out to super remote creeks and salt flats in our state-of-the-art, ultra-light

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Plan A More Sustainable Fishing Trip

The term “conservation” often takes on different meanings based upon the subject of the conversation. For example, a homebuilder’s focal point may be to build homes with high energy conservation ratings. Farmers and ranchers in dry regions of the country focus primarily on water conservation to nurture their crops and livestock. Whereas it’s understandable that a coastal guide outfit may mainly

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BAY FISHING – WINTER SPECIAL : Bay Fishing Rates – Winter Special Book a Bay Fishing (boat or wade fishing) trip now and save 20% when you take it between Jan. 2, 2022 and Feb. 28. 2022. Your trip includes 1 night of lodging, 3 meals, 1 full-day of bay fishing, tackle, bait, fish cleaning and taxes. $406/guest – 20%

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We Offer Catch and Release Trips

  OUR CATCH AND RELEASE MISSION STATEMENT      At Bay Flats Lodge, our mission is to furnish our guests with an opportunity for the thrill and adventure of catching a multitude of Texas saltwater inshore game fish, while providing a sustainable solution for recreational fishing that presents a less harmful impact on the fish and the surrounding ecosystem.  

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Receive FREE Bay Flats Lodge T-Shirt!

RECEIVE A FREE BAY FLATS LODGE T-SHIRT when you fish with Capt. Todd Jones on August 22, 24, 25, 26 or 31. Capt. Todd’s passion is wade fishing with lures in and around the Port O’Connor area, but has years of experience entertaining live bait trips, as well. You are welcome to either drive-in the morning of your fishing trip

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Take the Hunt to the Swells

Safety First Just because it’s July and the days can be extremely hot doesn’t mean we won’t see any wind this month. On the contrary, we’ll probably see a lot of wind this month, and variable ones at that. So, when we’re talking about summertime surf fishing, we’re talking about days when Gulf-green water reaches the beach. We’re also talking about those

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Old Reliable

I spent a recent rainy day organizing and cleaning out my fishing closet at home. You wouldn’t, or maybe some of you would, believe everything I found in that closet. I bet I almost have one of everything that’s offered in the fishing department at my local Academy outdoor store. It’s really out of control, if there is such a

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Spring Fever

April is here, and a lot of us probably thought it would never happen. We’ve been waiting for spring to arrive by mentally perusing our fishing maps each time our mind wanders. We’ve reviewed the arsenal of baits in our tackle box at least a couple times each weekend. It’s like a fever that can’t be restrained. We have an

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Airboat Fishing Adventure

Texas Coastal Marsh If you’ve spent any time in the coastal marsh areas of Texas, then you know the true meaning of solitude. Some of these areas can almost make you feel like you’ve been abandoned by the rest of the world. A place seemingly deprived of any inhabitants at all, at least to the naked eye. The marsh can

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Imperative Resurrection of Cedar Bayou

Cedar Bayou is the saltwater channel that separates San Jose Island and Matagorda Island. The past couple thousand years, this bayou has existed as a natural pass supplying vital Gulf of Mexico water to the Aransas, Matagorda, and San Antonio Bay systems. During the times when Cedar Bayou has been open to the Gulf, the area’s ecosystem and fishery have

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Wade Fishing a Coastal Winter

February is the coldest time of the year on the Texas coast, but many coastal anglers still opt for wading. They could drift-fish, but they simply don’t want to risk spooking any of the fish holding in the area. Drifting an area means there’s going to be some noise involved – hull slap, engine cranking, cooler lids dropping. So, drifting

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Handbook for Wintertime Trout Fanatics

          It’s during winter when we start seeing an increase in the frequency of frontal passages from the north. This increase in cold fronts means there will also be varying water levels, water clarity, and wind direction. To top things off, it’s going to be cold when you’re out there fishing in all of this. But,

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Zero Plastic Initiative

Capt. Chris Martin and his wife, Deb, have been hosting anglers and hunters at Bay Flats Lodge in Seadrift, Texas, for the past 25 years. Nothing makes them happier than sharing this incredible ecological community with their guests. As a token of their appreciation, Chris and Deb make sure each lodge guest is gifted with Yeti drinkware upon check-in.  

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