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Texas Reds – Lone Star Low Land

The Local Knowledge Fishing Show focuses on the differing and often humorous viewpoints of two drastically different fishermen from opposite sides of the country. Ali Hussainy of San Diego, California, is the President of BD Outdoors, the largest fishing site on the web. Capt. Rush Maltz is a born and raised Florida Keys fishing guide. Each is a master on their home turf, but the playing fields are leveled as they travel to the Texas coast to discover and explore the waters of San Antonio Bay to learn new local knowledge.

Follow these two friends as they explore a new flavor of local knowledge and the fishing destinations offered at Bay Flats Lodge. They not only dig deep into the fishing aspect, but the food, the people and the culture of fishing that permeate a local knowledge and make it unique and special. They seek out a new kind of adventure off the beaten path.

In this episode of Local Knowledge, Ali and Rush head to Bay Flats Lodge Resort in Seadrift, Texas, to fish the vast shallow water marshes of San Antonio Bay for Redfish. With thousands of acres of lowland creeks and pools to explore, this premier lodge has the tools and techniques it takes to get the guys their shots at this skinny water species.