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Customer Testimonial: Parker and Rhyder’s Father & Son Experience

A Father and Son Fishing Adventure to Remember at Bay Flats Lodge

If you still have reservations on booking your next fishing adventure with Bay Flats, read this testimonial directly from a very satisfied customer on a previous stay with his son. These memories will last a lifetime!

This is from BFL customer Parker Carroll on April 16, 2023:

Captain Chris,

My 9 year old son, Rhyder, and I just returned from two days of bay fishing with Captain Rudy at Bay Flats Lodge. To say the least, our trip was nothing shy of incredible. There are numerous recognitions deserving of praise, but I want to rattle off some big ones.

First, Ms. Patsy is an absolute gem. I’ve had this trip planned for months and rough weather conditions appeared on the radar prior to our arrival. Fortunately, the weather looked promising the first part of the trip, so I called and Patsy worked diligently to get us in one day earlier than planned in order to beat potentially bad weather on the latter part of the trip. But this isn’t praise over a schedule change. Patsy heard in my voice the importance of creating the best experience for not just my son’s first bay trip, BUT his first bay trip with Dad. A memory maker so important for kiddos, and as parents, an experience that creates future outdoorsmen (or potentially doesn’t). Patsy took care of us and spoiled Rhyder from the minute we arrived to the minute we left (literally, not figuratively).

Secondly, Ms. Judy and Ms. Little spoiled Rhyder rotten. After dinner every night, Ms. Little and Ms. Patsy ensured Rhyder had a bag of cookies to finish off any remaining room Rhyder’s stomach could handle. In good Bay Flats style, they made the cookie bag a little bigger on our departing day. Ms. Judy was engaging to say the least. She told us great fishing stories and picked up that Rhyder wasn’t much of a breakfast eater, but loved bacon and pancakes. The second morning she made Rhyder a pancake “wrap” with bacon tucked in the middle, and she put a second one in a to-go bag for him to eat on the boat. Even Captain Rudy said “man, I need her to make me one of those!” The food was outstanding.

Thirdly, Captain Rudy and I were in contact several times in the weeks leading up to the trip. He laid out a game plan for fishing and suggestions on how we execute to ensure a great experience for Rhyder (obviously a common theme at this point). He was great with Rhyder, but also worked HARD to put us on fish. I think we were the last boat in on Thursday afternoon. Completely unprompted, he constantly reminded me to “get the camera ready Dad” anytime Rhyder got on a fish. This was a HUGE deal for my wife and younger son to participate and celebrate the wonderful trip. I was able to capture countless moments that we’ll have forever.

Lastly, I want to thank you and Mrs. Martin for graciously donating this fishing package to Foster Village. I purchased this package from your donation at their Gala last year. As a Foster Family ourselves, Foster Village serves as a lifeline to foster families and kiddos across the country. Over the past several years, Ashlee and I have fostered 5 kiddos who have all been successfully reunified with their families. I don’t know that we could have made that journey while simultaneously raising our two boys and running numerous companies without the support of Foster Village. Ironically, Ashlee now sits on the board of Foster Village and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the generous donation. More so now than ever, I’m grateful to have the winning bid for this trip!

Thank you again and congratulations on running a very impressive and first-class operation. We can’t wait to book our next trip!

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