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Nick Basaraba

Complete Guide to Texas Flats Fishing

Texas Flats Fishing: The Complete Guide

Picture this: a light, humid breeze ripples across the surface of the water. Soft clouds slowly move across the sky and shine brightly as you stand on the front of a flats skiff. The sun is at your back. You can see every detail of the shallow flat for hundreds of yards. The silence is deafening. No other boat or

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Best Redfish Flies For Texas

Best Redfish Flies For Texas – Top 10 Fly Patterns

The Texas coast offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities. From large seagrass beds to wide-open sand flats, there are miles of water to explore while looking for redfish. Different flies and tactics require different situations and being prepared is crucial. Adapting your setup according to the situation will make all the difference when staring down your eight weight at

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