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‘Tis the Ecological Season!

If you’ve read our newsletters, or have visited the Lodge this year, you know we’re eliminating all usage of plastics. Getting rid of Styrofoam cups was the very first step in this process. Our partnership with Yeti has allowed us to issue guests a Yeti Low-Ball cup for personal use throughout their stay. The rewards here are doubled in that we get rid of Styrofoam, and our guests truly love their Yeti’s.

No Plastic on Boats

A second part to our initiative includes eliminating single-use plastic water bottles on our boats, and at the Lodge. Daily for each boat, we issue a Yeti backpack containing two one-gallon Yeti jugs filled with ice and drinking water. Accompanying the gallon jugs in each backpack are six Yeti Rambler drinking bottles, each also filled with ice and drinking water. Guests on the boat are assigned a bottle, and the jugs are used to replenish the bottles throughout the day.


Daily Sanitation

The boat backpacks are collected daily and are sanitized via industrial-grade dishwashers made possible via our partnership with Ecolab. After sanitization, the jugs and drinking bottles are filled with ice and water at a commercial recharge station. The backpacks are then packed with the freshly-recharged jugs and bottles and are stored in a climate-controlled environment. The next morning, the backpacks are chilled and ready for another day on the water with our guides and guests.


Lodge Drinking Water

We’ve also had to provide a solution for no more use of plastic water bottles in our daily Lodge operations. We wanted to be able to provide each Bay Flats Lodge property their own source of fresh drinking water. To achieve that goal we partnered with Culligan to supply each property with its own reverse osmosis drinking water system. This provides guests an endless supply of fresh, clean drinking water regardless of where they stay during their visit.


Other Solutions

Our Pro Shop also presented a need for a different solution to rid our daily operations of the use of plastic. In prior years, we had always supplied our guests with an elegantly printed plastic shopping bag for all apparel purchases. We addressed the need to omit these plastic bags via the use of newly-designed paper shopping bags. The bags are constructed of recycled and biodegradable materials, and our new logo is on the front of every bag.


To conclude this effort, we’re also replacing all plastic utensils and dish ware in our daily outdoor kitchen food operations. Gone now are the days of serving evening appetizers on plastic plates with plastic forks. Going forward, our Bay Flats Lodge guests will now be served appetizers on real plates with true silverware. To put it quite simply, we’re quitting all utilization of single use plastic items wherever possible.