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One will experience something almost religious when seeing ducks wings cupped-up and coming into the blind. It’s unbelievable! It’s difficult to explain to a non-hunter. There’s no other way to grasp the feel for it other than to see it in real life. It’s not easy – you wake up at 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning, and it almost always turns out to be a fifteen hour day. We do it because we love it!

CEO of G&H Decoys, Ray Penny, said, “As we were trying to find folks who were using our products, we discovered that Bay Flats Lodge not only uses our products, but that they’ve been using our products for quite some time. Chris Martin, owner of Bay Flats Lodge, says, “I’ve personally been using G&H decoys for over thirty years.” The profile of these decoys when they’re in the water is unmatched, and so is the paint. They’re so realistic!

G&H Decoys is striving to be much more than a decoy company. They’re not just trying to sell people a piece of plastic that will need to be replaced after a couple seasons. G&H wants to sell people a piece of plastic that they can share the experience of duck hunting with for generations. They’re also focusing on a commitment toward conservation and to maintaining the resource, so future generations have the opportunity to enjoy what everyone else is enjoying today.

Both Bay Flats Lodge and G&H Decoys are conservation-minded, and both are very good about giving back. That’s why their partnership is so strong. Conservation boils down to the term “wise use.” What G&H is trying to do is to preserve and protect an entire species.

Duck hunting is something that has been given to us naturally, without us having to make any payment in return – it’s our enjoyment of a free gift. Both Bay Flats and G&H care about the experience in the future. They care about making sure that there’s habitat for ducks to breed in. They care about making sure that there are wetlands to enjoy next season. And their partnership goes a long way toward ensuring that folks who come to Bay Flats Lodge have that understanding of the ecosystem. When they come to the lodge and enjoy the resource as they consume it, they need to know that there are things that have to be done well outside of duck season to repay Mother Nature.

We need to donate our efforts, and not just monetarily, but we need to make sure we all “walk-the-walk.” Per Chris Martin, that’s the difference that Bay Flats Lodge and G&H Decoys make. They’re providing an experience that you can bring your family or kids to, which will provide memories that last a lifetime. On his recent visit to Bay Flats, Ray Penny said, “During our visit to the lodge, my own son told me that he has made memories on our trip that he knew he would tell his kids and his grandkids about.” That’s what it’s all about. What more could we possibly ask for?