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The higher amounts of annual rainfall over the expanse of our coastal region is an essential element in maintaining a healthy Rio Grande turkey population…

There are three different subspecies of turkey that reside in Texas – the Merriam turkey, the Eastern turkey, and the Rio Grande turkey.  However, it’s the Rio Grande turkey that’s found in greater numbers along water sources, and they are our general target for turkey here along the Gulf Coast prairies and marshes where we typically receive between 35 and 65 inches of rainfall annually, often making for a humid environment that supports natural vegetation for the Rio Grande turkey.

However, certain other habitat requirements must also be met in order for the Rio Grande turkey to flourish.  There must be knee high grasses and weeds to serve as cover for nesting and rearing young turkey.  There must also be an ample supply of shrubs and trees to provide food in the form of different berries and seeds, as well as a place for them to roost and to seek shelter and cover as needed.  Finding such a perfect spot could prove difficult, but not if you choose to hunt with Bay Flats Lodge during the 2017 spring turkey season.  Our property has never been commercially hunted, and it has been intensely game-managed the past several years.  Such a perfect coastal turkey opportunity may not be found elsewhere!

Try your luck at the turkey, and then get ready for an afternoon of saltwater fun.  You heard right!  After your morning turkey hunt, you’ll be driven back to the Lodge where out friendly kitchen staff will serve you a hot lunch in preparation for you spending the rest of the day enjoying tight lines and a relaxing atmosphere out on the water while pursuing three of the more sought after coastal treats in Texas – the speckled trout, the redfish, and the ever-popular flounder.  Whether you choose to fish from the boat, or get out amongst them while wade fishing, you’re certain to enjoy some of the best coastal angling the Texas coast has to offer.


T U R K E Y   R A T E S

  • $305 / each.
  • Convenient to lodge, Add $205 / per day guide fee.
  • $210 Lodging and Meals / per person

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