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On any given day, we may have as many as thirteen different species of ducks in our sights…

From a duck hunting perspective, we have so much to offer our customers simply due to the wide variety of birds that our region supplies us with annually.  Bay Flats Lodge happens to be located in a leading staging area along the eastern edge of the Gulf of Mexico, and is a place where the majority of all waterfowl traveling up and down the Texas coast winter each year.  This stretch of Texas, commonly referred to as the coastal bend region, is home to incredible numbers of resident ducks and geese, but it is the large populations of migrating Mallard, Gadwall, Widgeon, Pintail, Canvasback, Redhead and Teal that keep our duck hunting customers coming back year after year.

Regardless of whether you’re hunting over full-bodied decoys out of a remote marsh blind, or shooting at cupped wings out of a pop-up blind at the bay’s edge, you’ll enjoy the company of our experienced guides who commonly recognize success as a result of their good scouting practices and their vast knowledge of our region and the birds.  Your satisfaction is our goal, and we will spare no expense in our attempt at providing you and your party with an outing that promises to be a pleasant and memorable adventure.

When you’re finished with your morning hunt, enjoy a hearty lunch back at the Lodge before setting out for an afternoon filled with fishing fun as you chase trophy trout or sight cast to tailing redfish.  That’s right!  Our region of the Texas coast also happens to be home to one of the most vibrant inshore saltwater fisheries found anywhere along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.  The novice, as well as the accomplished saltwater angler, will experience our passion for customer satisfaction through our staff of professional guides who work hard to provide our clientele with great catches day after day. Come join the fun, and see for yourself exactly why Bay Flats Lodge sets itself apart from the all the rest.


The 2020-21 Duck Season (Texas South Zone)

The dates for our Texas south zone of the 2020-21 Duck Season are November 07-29, 2020, and then again December 12, 2020 thru January 31, 2021.


Blast & Cast or Blast & Blast Rates

  • Blast & Cast $585 per gun package minimum of 4 with lodging & meals included
  • Blast & Cast $600 per gun package minimum of 3 with lodging & meals included
  • Blast & Cast $700 per gun package minimum of 2 with lodging & meals included


Duck Hunting Rates

  • Morning or Afternoon Hunt
  • $350 Per gun package minimum of 4 with lodging & meals included
  • $375 Per gun package minimum of 3 with lodging & meals included
  • $400 Per gun package minimum of 2 with lodging & meals included


Duck Hunting Only

  • $233 Hunt only
  • Minimum party of 3, party of 2 add $145 per gun


Equipment Rentals

  • Rent Simms waders $35
  • Boot rental only $20
  • Rent Benelli Shotgun $65 per day
  • Black Cloud 12 gauge Close Range 3-inch #4 shot 1/4 oz. $24 per box


Click the link below to read “Duck hunters praise Texas season success”, written by David Sikes, Outdoors columnist for the Corpus Christi Caller Times – January, 2017.

Photo by outdoor writer and photographer David Sikes

Photo by outdoor writer and photographer David Sikes


Photographer David Sikes of Jet and Captain Harold


Captain Harold with retriever Jet. Photo by David Sikes

Capt. Harold's dog Jet. Photo by David Sikes

Capt. Harold’s dog Jet. Photo by David Sikes

Photo by Outdoor Photographer Lefty Ray Chapa

Photo by Outdoor Photographer Lefty Ray Chapa

Photo by Outdoor Photographer Lefty Ray Chapa





The 2016-2017 Season is Nov. 5th thru Nov. 27th and Dec. 10 th thru Jan. 29 th with a daily bag limit of 6 birds/hunter.

6 Duck Hunting Tips for the Novice

Duck hunting has experienced a significant increase in popularity over the last several years with its journey into pop culture (looking at you, Duck Dynasty). We are big fans of waterfowl, so we know how exciting the beginning of duck season can be. If you are new to the sport, there are a few tips you should take into consideration before heading out to take down some waterfowl.

Be Legal 

Before you can ever hit the water, you have to be legal. Be sure you get your hunting license prior to the beginning of the season. Also, if you are hunting on private property, get permission from the land owners. While there are plenty of public areas you can hunt duck, most landowners won’t mind allowing you on their property if you ask for consent first.

Get the Gear

Duck hunting calls for specific gear. You need quality camouflage that suits the environment in which you will be hunting. If you are hunting a dead grass area without a layout blind, a lighter, grassy camouflage will work. On the other hand, if you are hunting in a wooded area, a darker leafy or bark-like camo would be better.

Since ducks are waterfowl, you’ll definitely need some waders and quality waterproof boots. Choose the waders that have the right amount of insulation for your area’s temperature, although you can always layer clothing under a lighter pair if necessary.

Find a Friend

The best way to learn duck hunting is through an experienced hunter. Find a friend, relative or neighbor who hunts legally and responsibly, and get out on the water with them. They will show you the ropes and make the whole process easier and more fun.

Find the Ducks

Here we go. The fun part begins. Before you gear up and gun up, you need to do a little legwork. Scout the area. Drive by waterways and fields to see where the ducks are feeding. You don’t want to hunt the areas that ducks sleep, or you will disturb their roost. Once you find a good area, set up your blind or find a good area to hide.

Choose the Right Gun and Ammunition

Most duck hunters, and bird hunters for that matter, use a 12-gauge shotgun. This is a good place to start for beginners. We recommend a semi-automatic shotgun, but a pump action can get the job done while adding to the challenge. Remember to buy non-toxic shots (this is the law), and that the size of your shot should match the size of your bird.

Master Your Call 

Duck calling is a skill that takes time and practice to perfect. Your call could bring in the ducks or drive them away. So before you climb into your blind, be sure you practice your call. You could practice with an experienced friend, watch online tutorial videos or even take a class (yep, they have those).

Now that you have your tips, you are ready to take down some waterfowl. Just don’t forget to grab the right type of camo. Check out trusted retailers, like, for your camo and boot needs.

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