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Muddy marshland may not portray an ideal setting for trophy deer to some, but knowledgeable and experienced hunters know that whitetails love wetlands …

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Sandy swamps are natural hideouts for whitetails, and the coastal region of our state offers two kinds of wetlands to them.  The first kind is the open marshlands that are typically covered with grassy plants that grow in wet places along our coastal marshes, and that sometimes may provide the only bedding cover available to the deer.  The second kind, and the one which is much more common in our section of the state, is the thick-cover wetlands.  These are areas consisting of what are often nearly-impenetrable motts, or groves or clumps of trees and brush that are native to the marshy edges of our salty coastal bay systems.  Both of these natural environs make for a great attraction to the deer, and Bay Flats Lodge hunters are able to take advantage of both.

Being less than three hours from Houston, Austin, or San Antonio, our deer hunting property is located along the coastal bend region, providing time saving convenience to hunters.  Gone are the days of having to drive into the depths and remoteness of south Texas, or out to the far reaches of some of the more secluded western regions of the state in order to enjoy a trophy hunt of a lifetime.  Hunting whitetails with Bay Flats Lodge means spending more time enjoying the finer things in life such as the pleasure of the hunt itself, the camaraderie of friends and family, and the truly finest accommodations and service offered anywhere along the Texas coast.

Our whitetail hunting area was developed locally several years ago, and the land and the wildlife have been managed closely ever since.  In that we hold exclusive outfitting privileges on this hunting area, and because it sits just moments away from our Lodge, we are able to provide our customers with a whitetail hunt second to none.  We invite you to experience Bay Flats Lodge, the premier hunting and fishing destination on the Texas coast for your next trophy-class whitetail deer hunt.


  • Complimentary airport shuttle from Calhoun County Airport
  • Experienced hunting guide
  • Field dressing
  • Gun provided (if needed)
  • Lodging available with all-meals (top chefs prepare hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner with complimentary wine)
  • Transportation from lodge to field
  • Clean/quarter
  • Taxidermist available
  • Convenient to Lodge
  • While it is our ultimate goal to have a successful whitetail deer hunting experience, wild deer offer no guarantee.  In the event that no deer is harvested, the hunter will be invoiced at a rate of $400 per night to cover room, meals and guide fee.  A deer is deemed taken when a hunter draws blood.  It is our intent to do everything possible to recover any and all wounded deer.  Drawn blood will result in the trophy fee being charged in full whether the deer is recovered or not and it is up to the your guide to call the hunt when they feel they have exhausted all of their resources. 


First-Class Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Rates 

  • $5,600     150-170 
  • $9,520     170-190 
  • $10,640   190-200 
  • $13,440   200-210
  • Lodging & Meals are $223/guest each day (tax already included)
  • Add $205/day for guide fee
  • Additional Non-Hunting Guests ($155 per person a day)

(MLD Deer Hunts October 1-thru February 28) 






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