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Whether you’re hunting over full-bodied decoys out of a remote marsh blind, or shooting at cupped wings out of a pop-up blind at the bay’s edge, you’ll enjoy the company of our experienced guides who share their vast knowledge of our region and its diverse local bird species. Book your trip of a lifetime trip to Bay Flats Lodge, our Texas coastal lodge.

Experience Duck Hunting at Bay Flats Lodge:

This stretch of Texas, commonly referred to as the coastal bend region, is home to incredible numbers of ducks and geese. However, it’s the large populations of migrating waterfowl that keep our duck hunting customers coming back year after year. Our coastal shores see Gadwall, Widgeon, Pintail, Canvasback, Redhead and Teal through our duck hunting season.

Bay Flats Lodge is located in a leading staging area along the western edge of the Gulf of Mexico. Because this vast ecosystem gives you the option to spend the morning hunting and the afternoon fishing, you’ll get the best of both worlds in one day. 

An Unparallelled Waterfowl Experience:

Stay at our Texas Coastal Lodge while you hunt in a leading staging area along the western edge of the Gulf of Mexico. Waterfowl travel up and down our coast each winter. This stretch of coastline is home to incredible numbers of native ducks. Visit our hunting lodge in Texas!

We are a team of storytellers who love sharing our experiences of the outdoors. We’re here to make sure you, and your friends or family, have the trip of a lifetime at our coastal resort in Texas.

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