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Texas Airboat Fishing

Spot a vast array of wildlife and link up with redfish in pristine ecosystems no other boats can access. Learn about what makes Bay Flats so magical, and experience luxury Texas airboat fishing.

Welcome to Bay Flats, home to the best fishing guides in Texas. We are home the best Texas fishing, fly fishing, and duck hunting guides in Texas. We're here to offer you a trip of lifetime to fish the Texas Coast. Finally, book your fishing trip to Texas for the experience of a lifetime at Bay Flats Lodge, our Texas coastal lodge.

Explore The Texas Coast via Airboat

The fishing is awesome, but the journey to get to the fish might be just as cool—making airboat redfishing a great option for families and groups of anglers with varying skill levels. Plus, airboat fishing doesn’t require the pre-dawn wake-up like fly and gear fishing so you can sleep in and still have an action-packed day.

The saltwater back-lakes and creeks that are situated throughout Matagorda Island make the central region of the Texas coast distinct from other waters in our state. This coastal marsh country consists of more than 7,300 acres of shallow water that’s only accessible by airboat, making it a true mecca for fish and wildlife.

We’ll wind our way through this pristine ecosystem, spotting gators, deer, wild hogs, coyotes, turkey, and whooping cranes along the way. If you’re a nature lover, airboat redfishing needs to be on your “to-do list” of outdoor activities, and you won’t find a better place to make such a memorable trip happen.

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Explore Over 7,000 Acres of Marshland

Bordered by more than 100,000 acres of protected national reserve, San Antonio Bay’s biodiversity delivers shorelines, wetlands and beaches rich in marine wildlife. At the south end of the bay lies Matagorda Island, offering coastal enthusiasts unmatched hunting and fishing opportunities.

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