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Capt. Justice Cunningham

Capt. Justice Cunningham was born and raised here in Seadrift, TX. His love of the outdoors began with fishing as a young boy. He would come home from school each day and throw a line in the bayou that was in his backyard. He loved the feel of having something on the other end of his fishing line, even if it was just

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Kyle Hodson

Capt. Kyle Hodson was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1985, and he’s been a coastal native his entire life. He was fortunate enough to have be taken under the wing of guides at the age of 16 to not only learn the business, but the intricacies of the sport as well. He received his USCG Captains License at the

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Capt. Bryan Steubing

Born and raised in Victoria, Texas, Capt. Bryan Steubing has been fishing the waters from Port O’Connor all the way down to Rockport his entire life. The unknown of what was at the end of a screaming clicker at a young age is what sparked Capt. Bryan’s passion for the saltwater. From the time he could walk, Bryan and his

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Capt. Mike Gaglianese

Capt. Mike Gaglianese grew up in Utica, New York, just south of Adirondack State Park. He fished year-round for anything that would eat a fly, including bass, trout and steelhead. After completing his baseball career at Purdue University in 2015, Capt. Mike moved to Gunnison, Colorado, and has been guiding float fishing ever since. Mike spends his off-seasons down on

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Capt. Chauncey Poindexter

Capt. Chauncey was born and raised in Victoria, Texas, and grew up fishing in the Port Lavaca and Port O’Conner areas. At the age of 16 while wade fishing Boggy Bayou shoreline with a red and white queen Cocahoe Minnow, he experienced a thump that sent a shock wave up his spine and made the hairs on the back of

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Capt. Dane Scott

Capt. Dane Scott is a fully-licensed and insured fly-fishing captain dedicated to giving you a memorable day on the water. He has an immense background in fly-fishing for trout in the Gunnison River in Colorado, but is passionate about guiding and fly-fishing on the Texas coast. He has spent a lot of time in our surrounding bay systems, and is

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Capt. Julian Martinez

Capt. Julian Martinez is a native of our small community of Seadrift, TX. He grew up shrimping and oystering on his days off from school, but the one thing that truly stuck with him was fishing. As a young boy, he began fishing the San Antonio Bay complex with his father. He first learned to fish using live bait, but

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Capt. Cameron Boerm

As a child, I grew up in the small coastal community of Bloomington, Texas, but my family later moved to nearby Port Lavaca. That was when I was in junior high school, and that was when I began fishing with my Dad whenever possible. Fishing with him is what got me hooked on being on the water, and I’ve been

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Capt. Trey Ross

My Dad was a fishing guide when I was very young, and he had me out on the water just about as far back as I can remember. Although Dad later opted out of guiding as a profession, I felt from the very beginning that guiding is what I wanted to do when I grew older. While in my teens,

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Capt. Seth Spicak

Capt. Seth Spicak grew up in Port O’Connor, TX, and has been fishing and duck hunting the back bays and surrounding waters most of his life. From a very young age, Capt. Seth has always had a fishing rod in one hand and a shotgun in the other. While his love is coastal saltwater fishing, nighttime floundering and gigging trips

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Capt. Rick Oliver

Capt. Rick Oliver was raised in the small community of Schroeder, TX, located between Victoria and Goliad (don’t blink on your way through town, or you might just miss it altogether)! Rick grew up sitting on shorelines fishing with his grandparents and parents and loved it, but he always wanted more. He began fishing Port O’Connor, Seadrift, Indianola and every

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Capt. John Hunt

The last name Hunt couldn’t have been any more perfect for a south Texas boy like Capt. John Hunt. Hunting and fishing is Capt. John’s biggest passion, and he wakes up every day feeling blessed that he gets to make a living doing what he loves.   He was born and raised in Port Lavaca, Texas, but he now resides in the

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Capt. Joe Sneed

CLICK HERE to Inquire About Fly-Fishing in Baffin Bay with Capt. Joe Sneed! Captain Joe Sneed was raised in Alice Texas. He started fishing at an early age with his father. With the proximity to the Upper Laguna Madre and Baffin Bay, it is no surprise that Joe is a life-long saltwater angler. Some of Joe’s earliest memories were family

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Capt. Collin Gee

Capt. Collin Gee has been plying the waters of the Port O’Connor area for close to 20 years, and has been a full-time resident of Port O’Connor since 2008. He started guiding in 2012 with the encouragement of friends and family that recognized his gift and passion for the outdoors. Not only is he a licensed guide, but he is

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Capt. Hoop McClelland

Capt. Hoop McClelland grew up in the country on plenty of land, which enabled him to enjoy his favorite hobbies of hunting, fishing, and shooting of guns. In school, Hoop was a member of AG and FFA, and he participated in every sport that school had to offer. His favorite was basketball, and he was all about winning and being

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