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Capt. Garrett Wygrys

Bay Flats Lodge Staff | Texas Hunting And Fishing Lodge

Capt. Garrett Wygrys is no exception to the old phrase, “Once a fisherman, always a fisherman.” Being a native of the bayside city of Port Lavaca, Texas, Garrett was born with fishing in his veins. While still a child, Garrett’s family relocated to Alice, a small town in south Texas, where he spent his younger years discovering his love and admiration for the outdoors. Living inland meant he didn’t always have access to saltwater, so like most others who live to fish, Garrett had no trouble adapting to his land-locked environment by learning to enjoy all of that which freshwater fishing has to offer. However, lake fishing simply couldn’t fill the saltwater void in his life, and Garrett found himself spending all of his free summertime days back in Port Lavaca fishing just as much as he possibly could.

This went on throughout Garrett’s high school years until he graduated, at which time he decided to move back to the Port Lavaca area for the sole purpose of being able to pursue his saltwater passion without interruption. He has since become an avid angler who appreciates the comfort of fishing for recreation, as well as the challenges brought about by fishing professionally. He also thoroughly enjoys the competition of saltwater tournament fishing, and has achieved recognition and placement in multiple competitions such as the Rudy’s Redfish Rivalry, the Rojo Classic, and the annual Poco Bueno tournament to name just a few.

When Garrett isn’t fishing, you can bet he’s thinking about fishing, or about which hunting season is coming up around the corner. Fishing is a great way to make new friends, and Garrett looks forward to sharing his knowledge, interest, and his contagious enthusiasm for saltwater fishing with you and your guests, so ask for him when planning your next trip to Bay Flats Lodge.