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Murray Martin

Our Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Bay Flats Lodge, Murray Martin, grew up in the small town of Dickinson, TX, which is halfway between Houston and Galveston. He began fishing the Galveston Bay system at practically the same moment he took his first steps as a child. Murray’s dad and grandad saw to it that Murray knew everything there is to know about coastal fishing, and later began teaching him the finer points of duck and goose hunting.

After receiving his Industrial Engineering degree from what was then Southwest Texas State University, Murray proudly served our country as a Cobra and Blackhawk helicopter mechanic and crew chief in the U.S. Army. Following that, Murray worked in engineering positions for more than twenty-five years for a couple of leaders in the high-tech industry – Texas Instruments and Dell.

Murray ventured away from corporate-America life in 2008, and has never looked back. He has since owned his own construction company, held a partnership in an oilfield service business, managed a local Austin trucking firm, and has even returned to the classroom at the University of Texas in Austin, TX, to receive a certification in Digital Marketing.

Murray’s ties to Bay Flats Lodge go back to the mid-1990’s, when Murray’s wife made arrangements for him to go on a blast and cast trip with Capt. Chris Martin as a birthday gift. Murray later learned he was actually Capt. Chris’ first duck hunting customer after Chris officially became a licensed guide. Murray and Chris have been working together throughout the years ever since those initial hunting and fishing days – once you have Bay Flats Lodge in your blood, you simply can’t get enough of it!

With the 2020 global pandemic accelerating the arrival of the new digital era, today Murray participates and contributes to the marketing side of the Bay Flats Lodge business. Digital Marketing is a rapidly changing field, and the changes are only going to continue to become faster as the digital age matures. If you’re not able to stay ahead of the industry curve in today’s market, you can quickly find yourself being swept aside by the competition. That’s why focusing on the marketing challenges of Bay Flats Lodge is so very important in today’s environment. And that’s why Murray is proud to be a part of yet another team that is rapidly becoming recognized as an industry leader.