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Capt. Billy Freudensprung

Bay Flats Lodge Staff | Texas Hunting And Fishing Lodge

Sargent Beach and East Matagorda Bay are places Billy Freudensprung calls home, and is where he developed his passion for the great outdoors at a very early age. It was here that he first experienced the thrill of a redfish peeling line off of his reel, of a speckled trout shaking its head as it dances across the surface of the water, and the excitement of sitting in a duck blind just as soon as he could manage to hold a shotgun.

Billy is one who can certainly be described as being somewhat obsessive when it comes to chasing big trout and redfish with either live bait or with artificial lures. He enjoys entertaining clients who share the same level of enthusiasm he does for fishing, and he loves to spend time catching-up with repeat customers that he now calls friends.

Duck hunting is also in Billy’s blood, as there is very little else which motivates him more than to see a flock of ducks cup their wings as they put on the brakes just before landing in the decoy spread. It’s called waterfowl hunting, and it has become a way of life for Billy.

Billy is known as being one to work a little harder to ensure that his clients have a memorable experience, and can be counted on to go out of his way to make sure your trip is a successful one. Whether it’s fishing that you prefer, or if duck hunting is more your game, Billy will certainly provide you with a fun and safe day out on the water.