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Capt. Rick Oliver

Capt. Rick Oliver was raised in the small community of Schroeder, TX, located between Victoria and Goliad (don’t blink on your way through town, or you might just miss it altogether)!

Rick grew up sitting on shorelines fishing with his grandparents and parents and loved it, but he always wanted more. He began fishing Port O’Connor, Seadrift, Indianola and every place in between, and at age 17 was given his first boat. It was a flat-bottom boat that he named “Three Man Operation” (because it required 3 people to keep it operating). It wasn’t an ideal boat, but for this teenager, it meant that the sky was the limit.

Rick attended Schreiner University on a baseball scholarship, but his college baseball career later ended unexpectedly when he threw out his arm with only 22 games remaining. Consequently, he returned home and began buring himself in work, but fishing always remained his passion. He went on to become a licensed USCG Captain in 2002. Aside from his passion for bay fishing, Capt. Rick also enjoys floundering and duck hunting on his Floral City Airboat.

Rick is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to spend the day on the water teaching and entertaining clients. Regardless of whether you’re wanting to use artificial or live bait, fishing from the boat, or wade fishing, Capt. Rick will most certainly provide you with a day full of enjoyment. He’s spent more than 30 years fishing our local area waters, and will probably spend the rest of his life doing so. Capt. Rick is definitely an asset you’ll wish to take advantage of during your visit at Bay Flats Lodge.