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Capt. Owen Gayler

Captain Owen Gayler was born and raised in Nacogdoches, Texas.  His love for the water and fishing started at a very young age, and by the time he was eighteen, he was frequenting the coast just so he could wade fish for trout and redfish.  After spending a summer working on an offshore boat, Owen knew that he loved fishing, but more importantly that he loved watching people catch fish and have a great time.

A few short years later, Capt. Owen began fly fishing while hunting for redfish in any back-lake area he could find, from South Padre Island to Louisiana.  He has a thirst and a passion for the backcountry, and a drive to find new water and happy fish.  Because it happens to be a target-rich environment for sight casting, the Texas Coastal Bend region has definitely become Capt. Owen’s favorite area for hunting redfish, especially given the massive amount of clear, shallow water of the seemingly endless number of back-lake areas.

Capt. Owen spent years working as a cowboy on ranches from New Mexico to Louisiana, but later settled back in his hometown of Nacogdoches where he setup a cow/calf operation, along with a preconditioning yard for yearlings. “Ranching was the one industry I could be in which allowed me to make my own schedule for fishing whenever I wanted to,” Owen says.

Capt. Owen is old-school in his beliefs and in his work.  He brings an extremely strong work ethic off the ranch and onto his skiff, and it’s that work ethic that pushes him to explore new-water places where others may not try to go.  He’s not afraid to pilot his skiff into tight areas that open up to bigger water.  Backcountry fly fishing adventure is in his blood!