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Capt. Mike Gaglianese

Capt. Mike Gaglianese grew up in Utica, New York, just south of Adirondack State Park. He fished year-round for anything that would eat a fly, including bass, trout and steelhead. After completing his baseball career at Purdue University in 2015, Capt. Mike moved to Gunnison, Colorado, and has been guiding float fishing ever since.

Mike spends his off-seasons down on the Texas Coast between Corpus and Seadrift, exploring as much of the endless flats and back lake systems as possible in his Maverick HPX. He’s become obsessed with the shallow water hunting aspect of redfishing-on-the-fly, and it is his very favorite way to fish. Capt. Mike enjoys fishing simple home ties, with various weights and sink rates, to match what the day calls for.