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Capt. Julian Martinez

Capt. Julian Martinez is a native of our small community of Seadrift, TX. He grew up shrimping and oystering on his days off from school, but the one thing that truly stuck with him was fishing. As a young boy, he began fishing the San Antonio Bay complex with his father. He first learned to fish using live bait, but later progressed to throwing artificial baits. He learned how to use all different kinds of lures, but the one that remains his absolute favorite are top water baits – they’re his “go-to” baits when wading shorelines for big reds and speckled trout.

His passion for fishing is what led Julian to pursue his professional guiding license. He has since passed the knowledge along to his sons, and has watched them take the torch and run with it. In all his years of fishing, the most important thing he’s learned is to always be respectful of the other guy. Capt. Julian loves sharing explanation of all his fishing techniques, and is great with novice and expert anglers alike.