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Capt. Dylan Murley

Capt. Dylan Murley was born and raised in central Texas, where his grandfather helped him create a passion for the outdoors by teaching him to hunt and fish. Dylan, and his “Papaw”, spent their free time mastering the art of fishing. As Capt. Dylan got older, he and his mother spent summers chasing redfish and snapper in the small coastal community of Matagorda, Texas.

It wasn’t until he got behind the wheel of a boat that Capt. Dylan realized all that the Texas coast had to offer. The Lower Laguna Madre, for example, had more than just fishing – wild game and waterfowl flourished along the south Texas coast, a place he would soon call home. This is where he picked up a fly rod and fell in love with the skill of sight-casting to redfish, and he hasn’t looked back since that first time.

Encouragement from his family and friends pushed Capt. Dylan and his sight casting passion to the next level, and this is why he began fulfilling his longtime dream of becoming a full-time fly fishing guide. Capt. Dylan hopes to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps by sharing his knowledge for the outdoors with his fly fishing clients, and by creating memories for them that will last a lifetime.