Bay Flats Lodge Custom Fly Box with Assorted Flies


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Stock up for your next fly fishing trip to the Texas coast with a custom fly box containing 12 Sightcast Fishing flies, hand picked by our own team of professional guides.

Includes custom printed Bay Flats Lodge saltwater fly box filled with 12 Sightcast flies:

  1. Redfish Cracklin Copper/Rust
  2. Redfish Cracklin Blue Crab
  3. Redfish Cracklin Purple / Black / Pink
  4. Skinny Cracklin Brown/Rust
  5. Skinny Cracklin Olive / Chartreuse / Tan
  6. Skinny Cracklin Purple / Black
  7. Freeport Fiddler
  8. Straight Shooter Crab
  9. Longhorn Crab
  10. Bolivar Blue Crab
  11. Marsh Mohawk Gold / Tan
  12. Skinny Water Shrimp – Tan/Sand