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February 25, 2013

February weather on San Antonio and Espiritu Santo Bays and the surrounding Back Lakes has been typical and the fishing has been both hot and cold!
What a great month to be out on the water with comfortable temperatures, dazzling sunrises and sunsets spawn from the cloudy weather we get in February between cold fronts.  Not to mention boat rides filled with memories of those great duck hunts because there are still Redheads and Pintails, Goldeneyes and Buffleheads all around to give you those warm fuzzies of a blast n cast on a cold day of this past duck season!
Many thanks also this time of year on the Texas Parks and Wildlife (with help from our fellow anglers) efforts at the abandoned crab trap cleanup!  I noticed a ton of abandoned traps earlier in the month and then after these past two weekends almost all of them were gone!  I saw several weekend warriors with traps filling up their boats to take them back to the dock for disposal so a special ‘thanks’ to all those who helped organize and participate in that important effort which helps save countless crabs and small fish from perishing in abandoned traps.
The redfish have been EATING soft plastics in most colors but dark bodied/bright tails have seemed to work as usual and when working these try a variety of bottom structure to find the bite–we have been getting them on some days in chin deep harder mud then the next on softer grassy mud bottoms–the fish seem move around in those water columns not only for the range of water temps but also chasing the food of choice–in the case yesterday it was small crabs which filled the redfish bellies that we had.
Speckled trout have been around and and on both the shell and the grass mixed with sandy bottoms and eating the typical choices anglers present-soft plastics in most any color and live shrimp when you can get some (by the way the shrimp are not strong in the bays yet but have been showing up down South and are headed this way in the next few weeks as you will see the LIVE BAIT flags flying high soon).  The small trout are plentiful and you will find that bite very aggressive considering their size is six inches and up and it’s good to see so many numbers of these fish around–assurance that the future is bright for the trout populations.  We have had solid keeper trout though from 16″ up to a few that we have released in the 23″ plus range just for good measure in hopes those will survive to become those trophy trout we all pursue.

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