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Ride the tide –
February 9, 2013
We have experienced several weeks of solid fishing on low tides along area outside shorelines and back lakes. This all came to a crashing halt on Thursday…. On Wednesday, we had some much needed rain, but along with it came low pressure and E-NE winds. These factors combined to make the tide rise 1 1/2 feet overnight, which tends to scatter the fish and bait into new, broader areas. The high tide will also make the water off color in many areas, making it hard to locate fish by sight when running in the boat.On Thursday, the high tide, low grey clouds, slick-off wind pattern, and lack of any visible bait/birds all combined to make it seem like I was fishing with a blindfold on. With nothing to go off of to find fish visually, we hit a lot of spots that traditionally produce fish under similar conditions. We made 10 different wades throughout the day, in all different kinds of bottom, and only caught 1-2 fish per stop between 5 guys. We ended the day with only a handful of fish, and I was left scratching my head going into Fridays trip.
I awoke Friday morning to crisp, cool air, clear skies, and a North wind blowing at 15-20 mph. I knew this was exactly what I needed to get back on the fish. The sun was out bright, and it was very easy to scout for fish and bait from the boat. As I eased into some of the secondary back lakes that were void of life the day before, the water came alive with reds pushing away ahead of the boat. With the North wind, the tide was dropping out fast, and the baitfish were riding it into the deeper back lakes. It didn’t take long to position ourselves on the windy points in front of drains coming from the minor lakes into the deeper back lakes. Once in position, we had our way with the reds to 29″ and a few larger trout to 22″. We caught most of our fish today in the exact same areas that produced nothing the day before. All of the fish today were caught on Red/White and Texas Roach TTF Flats Minnows with 1/8oz. jig head. Medium speed straight retrieve (no jigging) worked best.

Capt. Rick Hammond

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