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November Fishing Forecast

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November means change, and it’s generally the initial month for some fairly noticeable transitions along the Texas Gulf coast. This means we should’ve already experienced a couple significant cooling trends, and air and water temperatures will have already dropped. Along with altering weather conditions, we will begin to experience other types of transitions, as well. The first change this month will be the end of this year’s Daylight Savings Time, meaning less daylight each day.

Mud and Grass

We’ll be officially entering wintertime, so another change to expect is a greater potential for foul weather. Also, the trout and redfish will begin looking for mud and grass, or mud and shell, instead of sand. Sand is great for spring and summertime, but when things turn cold, the fish will look for warmth over mud.

Lethargic Metabolism

Another transition taking place this month is the metabolism of the fish. Up until now, the fish have probably been eating a meal whenever they want to do so. However, once the air and water temps drop considerably, so too shall the feeding periods for the fish. The fish get lethargic during the colder months, and the feeding pattern slows down greatly as a result.  They’d probably rather eat one large meal instead of expounding energy for eating several small meals throughout each day. This is the very reason why anglers should always cast to a single mullet jumping in the wintertime. The jumping mullet is being chased by a hungry trout or redfish looking for their one daily meal.

November Baits

Your choice of artificial baits should also begin a type of transition in November. As mentioned earlier, the fish are sometimes chasing one large daily meal, so you should start tossing larger surface baits. Also, slow your retrieve substantially, raising the tip of the rod only once or twice every 10-15 seconds. This month is also a great time for using darker baits. The darker colors portray a much more distinctive silhouette and work exceptionally well in low-light conditions. Until next time, tight lines to all!