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Bay Flats Lodge, Inc.,
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As a 14 year licensed captain and fishing/ hunting guide, I spend the majority of my waking hours in pursuit of a passion that most dream about and seldom experience. With the protected gulf coast inland fisheries and marshes as my office window, I see nature in a rare primitive form that offers endless memories of encounters I see on a daily basis. My goal here is to attempt to incorporate the ever changing world of technology and the convenience of the internet in order to share my experiences with you on a daily basis – after all the sustainability of my business relies on the marriage between a valuable and fragile natural resource to the individual(s) wishing to capture a day on the water to see my “office window”.

If you want to stare down a school of redfish, or witness a swirl beneath a top water, or see a flock of ducks locked up on a spread of decoys, jump on board and follow me from your computer and when the timing is right get down here so you will become the story of the day.

Captain TJ attended Wildlife Management School and has been fishing and duck hunting with his Stepfather Chris Martin since he was 14 years old. TJ’s work ethic and customer service has earned him repeat customers for over 10 years. He has clients come all the way from New York to North Carolina. He is truly passionate when it comes to teaching others how to fish and duck hunt.

Along his journey as a fishing guide, TJ has won or placed high in many fishing tournaments. It’s not uncommon to see him leave the dock first, and return last. He really cares about putting his groups on trips of a lifetime. He operates a 2012 Shoalwater and 2012 Air Ranger airboat. He only uses the best of equipment and takes pride in giving his customers plenty of instructions and explains why he’s fishing where, when and how.

TJ and his wife Angie have a young daughter named Briley.

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