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Matagorda Bay fly fishing in texas

Matagorda Bay fly fishing in Texas doesn’t get better than at Bay Flats Lodge, the premiere fishing lodge on the Texas Coast. Fishing is a fun, affordable way for families and friends to spend time together outdoors. Nestled on the shore of San Antonio Bay, our coastal resort brings you steps from all of the remarkable redfishing in Texas you could ask for. Join us at our fishing lodge in Texas!

Bay fishing, wade fishing, fly fishing, and airboat fishing in South Texas, Bay Flats is guaranteed to be an exciting day for fishing at all levels. Luxury fly fishing in Texas is the best of the best. Visit us along the Texas Coast and join our fishing guides and chartered fishing trips in Texas for the experience of a lifetime!

Whether it’s a family trip, a corporate team-building event, or just a getaway with friends, you can make your coastal visit one to remember. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like a big redfish or gator-sized trout chasing down a topwater lure. When that bronze submarine raises its head above water, even the most seasoned and experienced saltwater angler tends to get goosebumps.

Types of luxury fly fishing in Texas:

Bay fishing: Our seasoned guides offer expert instruction and advise of where, when and how to use lures to fool trout and redfish. Learn proper styles, technique, and sizes-skills you’ll be thankful to have for years to come. Join us for once-in-a-lifetime luxury fly fishing in Texas.

Airboat fishing: The fishing is awesome, but the journey to get to the fish might be just as cool-making airboat redfishing a great option for families and groups of anglers with varying skill levels.

Wade fishing: Shin-deep in the warm Gulf waters, you’ll be amongst the fish and surrounded by a truly remarkable ecosystem.

Fly fishing: Our guides push you silently along while you’re on the lookout for tailing redfish and tell-tale wakes in clear shallow water.

We are a team of storytellers who love sharing our experiences of the outdoors. We’re here to make sure you, and your friends or family, have the trip of a lifetime at our coastal resort in Texas.

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