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A Week of Foggy Cold Fun

Bay Flats Lodge on San Antonio Bay

February 23, 2018



Capt. Stephen Boriskie (Saturday – Feb.17th)

Great day wade fishing with some new friends covering miles of saltwater as we pressed onward through fog most of the day. First part of the day had us down south plugging away at a few solid speckled trout. After a few moves and coming up empty and worn out from the low visibility, I decided to head to the back lakes where we would spend the rest of the day, and it proved to be the more productive real estate. Limits of trout and a few other good fish for the boys and it was time to point her dockside. Thanks to Capt. Todd Jones for sharing info and helping us out. Sunday is looking good, and we hope to again feel the snap of a good trout as she pops the lure and bows the rod.


Capt. Steve Boldt (Sunday – Feb. 18th)

After a week of slick calm, fog and watching schools of redfish and drum that didn’t hardly want to eat, finally got the wind today I have been praying for to make the action happen.


Capt. Todd Jones (Monday – Feb. 19th)

“Ruined!” That’s what I said to Carlos after he told me this was the first trout he has ever caught on an artificial! She put on quite a head-shaking, water-thrashing show before he scooped her up in the net. After giving him a hand helping to get her unbuttoned, I could see why. She all but completely inhaled a Down South XL Victorious Secret, leaving pretty much just the jig head showing when we opened her mouth. Knowing she wouldn’t survive (and fairly certain I couldn’t have pried her away from Carlos if I tried), she went in the ice chest with a few others. She stretched the tape at almost 23” and weighed a little over 4 pounds! That has to rank right up there with the best first-ever trout on artificial! The wind really muddied a lot of water today, and had me chasing the bite in hopes of putting the guys on some fish. They put in the effort and managed a box of six solid trout and two 21” reds – they are on either side of the “big girl” in the picture (to give it some perspective). I always hope for a full box on each trip, but the fact that Carlos experienced what will hopefully be a great memory for years to come made the trip a success.


Capt. Jeremy McClelland (Tuesday – Feb. 20th)

Despite the wind this morning the fish are hungry in San Antonio Bay!


Capt. Jason Wagenfehr (Wednesday – Feb. 21st)

Waded with lures on Monday and Tuesday. We covered many miles both days but had better results on Monday for our efforts. We found a good late bite and landed some quality trout throwing Mirrodines and Corky Devils. Pink, Chartreuse or a combination of both worked well. Traveling to the same area on Tuesday was a bust as the water level rose and the color transition turned gin clear. Scrambling the rest of the day yielded very little in the way of bites- just a couple of keepers and one trout just over 5 pounds. We’ll back at it later this weekend.


Capt. Stephen Boriskie (Wednesday – Feb. 21st)

Back on the water today fishing with bait out of the boat had me concerned since it’s been a while from my last trip without wading, but it all worked out great with the help of some pelicans. We struggled for a couple hours checking some places I had found the fish over the past week or so, but we found no bites and no bait present. Then we boated a stingray and that made me mad. Running away from that bad luck we found some stained water near a favorite creek, and since the tide had come up strong today there were a few redfish there and one keeper. That was over pretty quick, so off we went scouting around the back lakes and that’s when I spied some good pelican action next to dirty water. The next hour or so we banged out a three-man limit of redfish and released upwards of 20 undersized reds. Afterwards, we drifted many of the lakes for trout, and ended up with two keepers and ten or so small ones. It was a great day, especially for it being February 21st with high rain chances. Tomorrow we go a half-day and will deal with the effects of this mild cold front moving through as I write. Come see us at the lodge and this could be a post and pictures about you!


Capt. Stephen Boriskie (Thursday – Feb. 22nd)

Day 2 was CPR (catch-photo-release), so we had plenty of redfish turned back to catch another day. The trout bite was better than Wednesday, but it was still off from what it will become as we turn the corner into the month of March – winter to spring equals trout action from modest to fevered! There’s a lot of good stuff to come y’all!


Capt. Kevin Matula (Thursday – Feb. 22nd)

For the last two days we had a group from all over the country at the lodge to fish with us. The two guys I had the pleasure of taking on the water were both first-timers to Texas and first-timers to inshore saltwater fishing. They caught a variety of species on both days with a lot of fish caught. The amount of cats we caught was a little surprising but was welcomed. It wasn’t until we boxed a few fish that they realized that they wouldn’t be able to transport the fish home because they flew into Houston so it was catch and release for the rest of the day and Friday.


Here’s What a Some of Our Recent Guests Had To Say…

Patsy and the breakfast crew, along with TJ, were amazing.  Our guide, Capt. ‘Lil John Wyatt, was very accommodating, and was a professional guide that put me on my first-ever redfish.  All of the meals were tremendous – everything was cooked to perfection!  All of the staff made sure our stay was absolutely effortless.  Thanks to everyone!

–  Bob S.  2/22/18


I cannot think of anything else you guys could do to improve.  Thank you for helping our Halton team deliver a unforgettable event for our customers, and thank you for an excellent experience.   ALL the staff and Guides exceeded our expectations.  Excellent job!

–  Jeff H.  2/22/18


Always improving, and consistently nice visit!  Thanks!

–  Rich S.  2/20/18


We had a great time!  Capt. Cooper Hartmann was great, friendly, entertaining and knowledgeable, and he put us on some great fish.  The food was very good, and where we stayed, The Reef house, was great!

– Larry A.  2/19/18



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  • Dinner – Complete with two appetizers, complimentary wine and dessert
  • Hot Breakfast Buffet
  • Boat Lunch – Complete with sandwich, chips, cookies, soft drinks and water
  • Fish Processing



  • Cost of Live Bait not included – Live Bait available at market price upon request.
  • Offer only valid for August 2018 dates.       Offer is valid on new bookings only (not valid on previously-booked trips).


Five-Day Weather Forecast

Saturday              40 % Precip. / 0.02 in

Cloudy skies during the morning hours followed by scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 76F. Winds S at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

Sunday                 80 % Precip. / 0.17 in

Thunderstorms likely in the morning. Then the chance of scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 69F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

Monday                10 % Precip. / 0.0 in

Generally sunny despite a few afternoon clouds. High near 70F. Winds NE at 10 to 15 mph.

Tuesday                40 % Precip. / 0.01 in

Rain showers early with overcast skies later in the day. High 73F. Winds SSE at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

Wednesday          20 % Precip. / 0.0 in

Windy with a few clouds from time to time. High near 75F. Winds S at 20 to 30 mph.


Breezy south flow will develop Saturday with conditions flirting with Small Craft Advisory levels. Another cold front will push across area waters Saturday night into Sunday, resulting in a chance for showers and thunderstorms, with a weak to occasionally moderate northerly flow in the wake of the front. Drier air will move in Sunday night, diminishing the chances for rain. A generally weak to moderate northeast wind will be expected Sunday night and Monday. Surface high pressure moves east on Monday, bringing a return to onshore flow Monday night and continuing on Tuesday. Onshore flow will increase to moderate levels Tuesday night as low pressure develops over the Southern Plains States.       

Coastal Water Temperature:

Port Aransas        64.0 degrees

Seadrift                64.0 degrees

Matagorda Bay   64.0 degrees



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Golden Fried Soft Shell Crabs

February 22, 2018

Golden soft shell crabs served with homemade remoulade sauce served this week for appetizers. Thanks to the BFL staff.

Trout to 5 pounds

February 21, 2018

Waded with lures on Monday and Tuesday. We covered many miles both days but had better results on Monday for our efforts. We found a good late bite and landed some quality trout throwing Mirrodines and Corky Devils. Pink, Chartreuse or a combination of both worked well. Traveling to the same area on Tuesday was a bust as the water level rose and the color transition turned gin clear. Scrambling the rest of the day yielded very little in the way of bites. Just a couple of keepers and one trout just over 5 pounds. Back at it later this weekend. Thank You! Captain Jason Wagenfehr

“Trophy Trout Tenacity” Guide Lines, by Capt. Chris Martin

February 17, 2018

If you are a wading angler chasing a trout of a lifetime, it’s very important to begin your day with the bait that you have the most confidence in. This might be the bait that has historically been most productive for you, or the one that you have mastered the presentation of to the fish. One of the more common remarks from folks as to how they go about deciding on one bait over that of another is simply by color alone – they like one certain color over that of another. Regardless of the reasoning, it is imperative you settle upon one high-confidence lure. Constant bait swapping compromises your attention to detail and reduces the total amount of time that your bait is actually in the water enticing the bite. When you feel extremely comfortable with what you are throwing, you will be more inclined to dish out the required amount of persistence when setting up for what could possibly turn out to be a long day at the trophy office.

This winter has generally been rather mild. Outside of just a few minor occasions, we have been fortunate in that we have not experienced abnormally large amounts of rainfall or miserable foul weather. However, we do seem to continue to battle variations in wind conditions on almost a daily basis – sometimes several different wind scenarios in a single day. Such wind divergence can force you to make otherwise unnatural modifications in your repetition and rhythm, and can reap havoc on coastal water conditions in what may seem to be just a matter of minutes. Choosing a well protected piece of fishing real estate can help counteract the effects the wind might impose on you throughout the day.

If the general area you’re fishing in provides you with cover from some of the more predominant coastal wind patterns, then you’ll have a better chance at riding out whatever the day may throw at you with regards to wind. Depending on the underwater terrain and whatever surrounding structure may be present, the shallows sometime provide better protection from the wind over that of deeper water, but they too will become muddied given adequate time to do so. Taking the precautionary measures necessary to select a spot that affords you alternatives throughout the day so as to allow you to take advantage of casting into the cleanest, greenest water available will definitely enhance your opportunity to persist to the end – until you receive what could very well be the only prize-winning strike of the day.

Like the saying goes, “Patience is a virtue.” Some may never classify this old adage as serving of any relevance whatsoever to the sport of coastal angling, yet patience is not to be discounted. Keen patience is probably the single most powerful weapon in your arsenal that you will always have readily available to you, and should always be considered a key element in your perseverance to outwit, outmaneuver, and outlast that one premium wintertime trophy that you’ve been standing in one place all day to catch.

In closing, we wish to remind everyone of our AUGUST “BEAT THE HEAT” FISHING SPECIAL, which allows you and your guests to take advantage of a fishing package at a tremendous discount. There are still lots and lots of August dates available, so phone us today to book your trip. Remember to practice CPR, “Catch, Photo, and Release”, whenever possible on trophy Trout and Reds…Guide Chris Martin, Port O’Connor/Seadrift region. …1-888-677-4868


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