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July 18, 2012

Bay Flats Lodge on San Antonio Bay Report
By Captain Chris Martin

Inclement Weather

As the pattern for much of early July would have it, I was once again awakened periodically throughout the course of the night to a brilliant display of lightning illuminating the bedroom interior, only to be followed by the piercing clap of thunder, and the accompanying torrential downpour of rain. As 5:00 am rolled around, the rain had stopped, and it was time to meet today’s party of four for a quick wake-up cup of coffee and a strategy session for their upcoming day on the water. As the gentlemen walked through the door, the fact that they too had experienced an uneasy night’s rest was transparent, and their long-faces telegraphed their anticipated fear that today’s trip may be postponed due to too much rain; for their fear of the possibility of there being too much freshwater in the bay system for a prosperous outing. Fears shared by many a coastal angler, but inclement weather knowledge and fishing tactics shared by few. Unbeknownst to me and my party, today’s trip would prove to be a true learning experience for all of us, discovering new freshwater strategies that would consequently result in a spectacular finale.

Freshwater Strategies

I want to share my experiences while discovering freshwater strategies. With water being off color and tasting like tap water from the faucet, several of our wades that day only produced one trout per session. While motoring down an area shoreline I noticed a long illusion looking slick snaking out in front of a bayou. The water around the slick was being pushed by the strong South wind and showed signs of small ripples. The snaking slick was approximately 150 yards long. Bait was jumping nervously throughout the calm slick. I turned the boat on its side and made a large circle back towards the bayou. We slowly motored into the bank, set anchor out and eased into the water. Shoulder-to-shoulder our group walked towards the opening of the bayou. After making several empty casts, I tasted the rippled water only to find more freshwater. Once our lures hit the slick water, immediately we got hooked up with trout. The bite was noticeably better. Each time we brought in a trout, the jig heads were inside the fish’s mouth. I tasted the slick water and almost gagged due to the abundance of saltwater. It’s in my opinion the back lakes are less impacted from fresh water because of their location. With strong south winds overnight, the tides were falling out. The fish were following the saltwater and moved out to deeper water on the shorelines. With our day-to-day changing environment one has a choice to run to a different bay system, or figure out strategies that will produce fish.
Angie Christensen-General Manager
Her passion for guest service and proven track record as Office Manager at Bay Flats Lodge over the past 5 years is a tremendous asset to the team. Her professionalism, integrity, and ability to have fun complement’s the Bay Flats Lodge culture. During her time as Office Manager, Angie successfully managed its bookings while improving our customer service program, and does a wonderful job working with Chris, Deb, staff and guides. Angie epitomizes the perfect mix of traditional customer service experiences. She is responsible for the bookings, scheduling of guides, office support, accounting, and customer service.

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