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Airboat Redfishing

If you have a passion for catching redfish, but think you’ve seen it all, then this is the trip for you.  Looking for Texas redfish from an airboat is a unique approach to fishing that allows our customers access to areas other boats can’t reach, and to see habitats few ever have the opportunity to enjoy.  Whether it’s a family trip, a corporate team-building event, or just a getaway with friends, you can make your coastal visit one to remember with a Bay Flats Lodge airboat fishing trip featuring the ever-popular Texas saltwater redfish.

Back Lakes

The biggest distinction between the central region of the Texas coast and other coastal waters of our state is the back lakes that are situated throughout Matagorda Island, a well known 38-mile long barrier island that stretches northeast-southwest beginning about 7-miles south of Port O’Connor.  This coastal marsh country consists of more than 7,300 acres of shallow water that’s accessible only by airboat, making it a true mecca for fish and wildlife alike.  Winding your way through this pristine ecosystem will provide you with an opportunity at seeing gators, deer, wild hogs, coyotes, and turkey, not to mention the whooping cranes, which are making a comeback from being nearly extinct.  If you’re a nature lover, airboat redfishing needs to be on your “to-do list” of outdoor activities, and you won’t find a better place to make such a memorable trip happen than right here at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina.

Make It Easy On Yourself

When visiting the Lodge, it’s easy to let the evening slip away from you, and then end up in bed the next morning later that you’d planned – great food, good company and a relaxing setting can have that effect!  Such a short night can make the early wake up and boat departure a little hard, but when you’re here to enjoy some airboat redfishing you won’t need to get up as early as everyone else. That’s right! Your airboat captain will need sunlight to spot the redfish on the flats and in the backcountry, so there’s no need to leave before sunrise. So, if a later departure is what you anticipate needing, make sight casting out of an airboat to redfish in shallow water the order of the day.  This also makes airboat fishing perfect for families with kids that might not be too excited about a really early wake up time.  At Bay Flats Lodge, we want you to make it easy on yourself, so we’ll do everything we can to help.


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