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November 13, 2015

Some really good wintertime fishing for reds, however, still comes from areas located in the upper end of San Antonio Bay that are adjacent to the lower stretches of the Victoria Barge Canal.  It’s an upper bay delta area that historically has been more brackish in nature than that of San Antonio Bay itself.  Although there’s a wide variety of shellfish species found in the neighboring bays and rivers, there are two species in particular that serve as primary food sources in this area for redfish and for trout.  One is the eastern oyster that is commonly found in low-salt environs.  The other one, the one that’s really popular among the redfish, is the rangia clam, found mostly in brackish surroundings.  And as we all know, the redfish can tolerate brackish water quite well, and they have a habit of feeding on mollusks and crabs in very shallow water.  But for other unknown reasons, the redfish love these clams during periods of cold weather.  I realize that looking for different types of shell may not be something that a lot of anglers consider a glamorous task, but doing so can be quite effective.  For those willing to spend the time and effort to fully grasp this simple technique, the reward can be nothing less than truly amazing when hunting for wintertime redfish.

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