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November 20, 2015

Fall is trout season around here, and November is a prime time to run into healthy, hefty speckled trout in San Antonio Bay and the surrounding waters. It’s a time when anglers of all ages and levels of experience can boast equal opportunity at enjoying the “catching” part of the sport of coastal angling. Although there may be days here and there with tough winds and precipitation, this month and next can most often be accompanied by fairly mild weather conditions as the coastal regions of Texas prepare for the approach of much colder temperatures in January and February. When the winds subside and the sunshine warms the water, trout fishing can all but explode right before your eyes. It might be cool and drizzling one day, and the next day there’s not a cloud in the sky with only a 5-mph wind. It’s on these cool, dry, calm days when almost anything you offer the fish will be the right thing to offer them – live bait, plastics, plugs, top water baits.

Some of the overall calm days we’ll experience during this annual holiday season will offer you chances at working different types of baits in different places at different times of the day. You should be able to work either mid-size, or small, surface walkers early in the day and into the morning when the sun begins to warm the water. Or, you might decide to take advantage of the calm weather and work your top water lure all day, maybe even by going to places you can’t normally work a surface walker simply because the area usually presents winds that are way too strong. It might mean that you’re able to throw your slow-sinking or suspending bait up into shallow water atop a mid-bay reef so as to be able to examine it with you own two eyes to actually see how it reacts to different motions you make with your reel and your rod tip. Or it might mean you simply sit with your family and friends in your anchored boat above your favorite shell and grass bottom while making offering-after-offering of live bait to whatever species happens to be interested. But regardless of your election, late November and early December are good times of the year for coastal anglers to take advantage of all that the Texas coastal region has to offer anyone who loves to spend time in the great outdoors.

However, with air and water temperatures continuing to fall, it will be extremely important for anglers to remember to take whatever time necessary in order to be extra patient when fishing during the end of the year period. Feeding patterns will now begin changing for the trout, as their metabolism begins to slow down in conjunction with cooling temperatures, so it will be important to keep in mind the benefit of slowing your retrieve when this happens. Natural baitfish will begin moving slower right now also, so it will be to your own advantage to try to mimic their movement as closely as possible. This will mean that you, too, will be required to slow the overall presentation of your bait, as it will become key for you to try to make your bait look and move just like the real thing whenever possible.

This time of year we give thanks for many, many things, most of all the opportunities given to us to enjoy the great outdoors. It’s a time to reflect back on all the memorable days out on the water and express our true gratitude for all that has been given. The Bay Flats Lodge team wishes you and yours a most safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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