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Capt. Chris Martin

July and August are fast approaching, and they are the months when fishing with artificial lures can become, if nothing else, challenging. Ever-rising water temperatures will place speckled trout in the lower water column where water temperatures are coolest. When fishing plastic lures over deep structure like shell, a slow retrieve will work best in order to keep your lure riding just above the bay bottom. Tails like the Norton Sand Eel Junior, MirrOlure Lil John, and any of a variety of the Saltwater Assassins in a myriad of colors can be used with great success. For those of you who may wish to compete at an even higher level, test your skill by throwing some of the more popular slow-sinking baits during the upcoming warmer months. One of the favorites is the suspending Corky Devil in that of a chartreuse/silver glitter body and a bright orange tail. As you work these Devils, use a slow and steady pump, while occasionally stopping long enough to allow the lure to fall for 2 to 3 seconds before beginning the slow pumps again. You’ll generally find the strike to occur while the bait is undergoing its slow fall process, but you may also encounter violent hook-ups on the lure throughout any and all of the motions of the retrieve, especially during the course of an aggressive bite. So stay alert, and have fun!


Although not as prevalent as during the colder months, it is not unheard of for summertime to present us with a brief north wind every now and then. These hotter northern influences usually do not carry with them the force and strength of that which are imposed upon us during February or March, but they often remain significant enough to limit your fishing activities to the protection of northern locales. Lucky for us, areas from Espiritu Santo Bay all the way down to Mesquite Bay provide an ample amount of choices when seeking immunity from a north wind that only a north shore is capable of supplying, and the northern shores of these bay systems have consistently proven quite successful for the catching of large redfish. In fishing these areas, try to concentrate your wade sessions between open passes or sandy guts where plenty of grass is located. Locating nervous mullet or exploding baitfish will help you locate both trout and redfish in these areas. Some may prefer fishing tight to the grassy shoreline between area sand bars and guts while throwing any of an assortment of plastics, or even a gold or silver spoon on occasion.


As the winds and rain continue to subside, don’t forget about the possibilities presented by the surf. The month of July will offer coastal anglers huge opportunities for wading the surf in search of big tide-running trout. When wading the surf in summertime, you might wish to get as early a start on the day as possible. The hour before sunrise is perfect for ambushing trout along the first gut closest to the beach with top waters, but just as soon as the sun peeks over the morning horizon, it immediately becomes time to focus your efforts out in deeper water by wading to the second sandbar. Artificial enthusiasts can use some of the smaller top water plugs while standing on the second sandbar and casting inland toward the first sandbar. But what can often make even a greater impact is locating pods of rafting baitfish or diving brown pelicans, or even finding distinct differences in the color of the water near the guts that run parallel to the sandbars. Some of these guts actually cut through the first sandbar, or run from the second sandbar all the way to the beach, and you’ll often found that you can actually walk in waist deep water the entire distance from one gut to another.


July can be a great month to catch plenty of fish on artificial lures if you fish wisely. It is also a month that can frustrate many anglers due to the transition that the trout are making from shallow to deep. The successful July angler will need to come early, stay late, fish deep, and be properly prepared to guard against a full day in the July sun. Remember to practice CPR, “Catch, Photo, and Release”, whenever possible on trophy Trout and Reds.



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We Now Have First-Class and Fully-Guided South Texas Grade Trophy Whitetail, Turkey, Dove, and Teal Hunting Available

Bay Flats Lodge is happy to announce that we are now offering first-class, fully-guided south Texas grade trophy whitetail deer hunts within close proximity to our lodge. So, this next fall when you’re down at Bay Flats for a blast and cast, make it a point to call ahead and reserve a trophy deer hunt that could be a once in a lifetime experience. We’re also really proud and excited to once again be able to offer teal blast and cast adventures, as well as dove blast and cast trips and turkey hunts.   Give us a call at 1-888-677-4868 and allow us to help you organize the outdoor hunting or fishing adventure you’ve always dreamed of. Teal Blast & Cast video:



Remember, “Fishing here is not about challenging your fishing limits, but about the art of relaxation.” Good luck, and tight lines to you all…!



2016 December Fishing Special

You and your party can enjoy a great ending to the year with some well-deserved rest and relaxation as you savor some fabulous cuisine, enjoy first-class accommodations, and experience great fishing at some of the best rates Bay Flats Lodge will offer all year long.

$412 per person 2 Guests per boat

$275 per person 3 Guests per boat

$232 per person 4 Guests per boat

(Includes 1 night lodging, 3 meals, and 1 full-day of fishing

Live bait provided at additional charge, if requested.

6.00% Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax not included.


Three-Day Weather Forecast

Saturday                      0 % Precip. / 0.0 in

A mix of clouds and sun. High near 90F. Winds SSE at 10 to 15 mph.

Saturday Night          40 % Precip. / 0.03 in

Partly cloudy this evening. Scattered thunderstorms developing after midnight. Low 78F. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

Sunday                        40 % Precip. / 0.02 in

Partly to mostly cloudy skies with scattered thunderstorms in the morning. High 88F. Winds SE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

Sunday Night           60 % Precip. / 0.03 in

Partial cloudiness early, with scattered showers and thunderstorms later during the night. Low 77F. Winds SE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

Monday                     60 % Precip. / 0.14 in

Mixed clouds and sun with scattered thunderstorms. High 88F. Winds E at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

Monday Night          20 % Precip. / 0.0 in

A few clouds. Low 76F. Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph.


Weak to moderate onshore flow will become moderate to occasionally strong on Monday as low pressure moves through the southern Gulf of Mexico. For Tuesday through Thursday, weak to occasionally moderate onshore flow will return as high pressure builds in. Moisture will increase Sunday into Monday leading to isolated to scattered showers and thunderstorms with the best chance for rain Sunday night into Monday. A few lingering showers or storms are possible Tuesday before rain chances decrease through mid-week as an upper level high pressure system builds over the region.

Coastal Water Temperature:

Rockport             88.0 degrees

Seadrift               87.1 degrees

Port Aransas      79.0 degrees


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Captain Chris Martin


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