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Bay Flats Lodge Report by Captain Chris Martin

October 23, 2015

I recently received an instant message from a reader named JCACEEM about the lures we use and why we use the colors we do, and yes I have time to answer your questions.

Hi Capt. Chris,
Even though I do not fish in your area I always like reading your reports–they are always very detailed and informative.

Regarding your most recent post about the lures you are keeping handy, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling me why you are choosing those colors? I fish a lot with live bait but am trying to become better with lures or at least understanding what to use and when.

A post I read recently had most people’s favorite top watercolor as chrome and pink, or bone and pink. I’ve done well on plastics that are white, or pearl but that was in warmer weather with clearer water.

Any information you could provide would be appreciated and if you don’t have time any worries.

We choose to stay with dark-color plastic lures, especially throughout this time of the year, because they work. There are less hours of daylight right now, and these darker colors are able to cast a significant silhouette to the fish below through almost any water condition as the light in the sky shines behind the lure. Notice that I said almost any water condition. What I’m trying to say here is that I have found that these darker colors seem to be equally as effective in dirty or stained water as they are in green or clear water. Simply put, I’d probably recommend to any angler the pursuit of dark lures when chasing cool-water trout and reds during this period of the year.

If you have been a die-hard live-bait enthusiast for most of your fishing career, and you aren’t quite sure whether you’re ready to transition to the use of artificial baits, I might recommend you use the month of November to acquaint yourself with top water baits. My November fishing logs are filled with success stories where top water baits were the heroes of the day. They are relatively easy baits to use, and even the novice can recognize reward after just a little bit of practice time. If you take it upon yourself to learn to walk-the-dog this month, you may just find yourself pleasantly surprised with the results that you are able to manage.

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If you do decide to try the game on top, you might become overwhelmed by the many different styles, colors, and sizes of top water baits available to anglers today. I would suggest that you try to keep things as simple as possible, especially if you’re just starting out. Grab you a bone-colored She Dog and practice, practice, practice. It’s a good all-around color, manageable size, and it walks across the surface with ease. And who knows, you might even be lucky enough to entice one of those ever-popular speckled followers!

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