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Bay Flats Lodge, Inc.,
391 Bayside Drive,
P.O. Box 580, Seadrift, Texas 77983-0580

Texas : 77983-0580
Lodge : 361-785-2686
Fax : 361-785-4176

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The bays surrounding Seadrift are the perfect choice for the fishing trip of your dreams. Whether you want to fish with live bait from the boat, wade with artificial, or even drift with live bait we know the place.  READ The LATEST FISHING REPORTS

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Bay Fishing Rates – Includes Lodging, Meals, Fishing, Bait, Fish Cleaning, Taxes

  • Full-Day 4 per boat – $455 per/person
  • Full-Day 3 per boat – $493 per/person
  • Full-Day 2 per boat – $586 per/person 


  • 1/2-Day 4 per boat – $436 per/person
  • 1/2-Day 3 per boat – $470 per/person
  • 1/2-Day 2 per boat – $573 per/person


Drive-In Full-Day Fishing Trips (Meals and/or Live Bait NOT Included)

  • Up to 2 Anglers: Full-Day $575/boat
  • Up to 4 Anglers: Full-Day $675/boat 


Equipment Rentals

  • Simms Chest-Wader Rentals + Boots is $35/day
  • Simms Wading Boot Rentals (Boots Only) is $20/day
  • If you plan to wade fish, please bring your own rods & reels. Rod & reel rental $30 per day.
  • We supply rods & reels when fishing from the boat.


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Party of 2 – $368.00 per Guest

Party of 3 – $300.00 per Guest

Party of 4 – $282.00 per Guest

Includes lodging, meals, full-day of fishing, and fish processing and packaging!

Live/Dead bait is NOT included!

*Guide requests are welcome at the time of booking, and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.  


Gratuity (Tipping) Guidelines:

Every member of our staff is dedicated to taking care of you the customer. The guides will do their best to put you on the hunt or fishing trip of a life time and our kitchen and cleaning staff will cater to your every need. Tipping is greatly appreciated and at the discretion of each guest. Below is a guideline on what is typical.

  • $10 for kitchen staff, per guest/day
  • $10 for the housekeeping, per room/day
  • $75 to $100 for guide, per day
  • $5 to $10 per guests donation will be matched by lodge for fish habitat projects

Keep in mind these are only guidelines and the final decision is up to you based on your experience.

Learn More about Marine Habitat Projects

To assure a better fishery and habitat for our future, when you visit Bay Flats Lodge and make a donation to Building Conservation Trust (BCT) Coastal Conservation Association’s Habitat Program, Bay Flats Lodge will  match your donation. These donations fund grassroots-driven projects that achieve one or more of five key objectives: Restore degraded habitats; Create new habitats; Advance the science of coastal habitat and marine fisheries conservation; Foster habitat stewardship; and Educate coastal communities on the value of conservation.

Marine Habitat Projects

Marine Habitat Projects 

Cedar Bayou and Vinson Slough were opened on September 25, 2014, after having been sealed in the 1970s and enduring decades of negative impacts from siltation and low water flows. Local media were invited to view the ribbon-cutting ceremony and opening. Through a large membership-wide fundraising effort, CCA Texas contributed $1.6M to the $9.4M restoration of Cedar Bayou in Rockport, Texas. Thank you to all of our project partners, sponsors, and generous members for your support of this important project. It would not have been possible without you!

Fishing License

Buy your Fishing License before arriving call 1-800-895-4248

What’s our rain out or bad weather policy?

For a weather cancellation, a credit is automatically given for a future trip. As a precondition, it must be understood that if you book at Bay Flats Lodge, refunds are not granted for weather cancellations.

Please keep in mind that we require a non-refundable payment in full prior to being able to book and confirm your dates.

Fishing the Seadrift and Port O’Connor area

About halfway between the border of Texas and Louisiana and the border between Texas and Mexico lies a thriving, yet still relatively small, fishing community known as Seadrift and Port O’Connor, Texas. Legend has it that the town’s experience with saltwater bay fishing dates back as far as the 1500’s when tribes of Karankawa Indians inhabited much of the coastal region of Texas between Galveston Island and Corpus Christi Bay.

Regardless of it’s heritage, Seadrift and Port O’Connor continues to produce some of the best coastal fishing offered anywhere along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s natural habitat provides saltwater anglers with a happy median between the deeper waters of Galveston Bay to the east in the upper portion of the Texas coast, and that of the extreme shallows of the Lower Laguna Madre down in the lower end of the state’s coastline.

Shorelines of thick marsh grass give way to mile upon mile of submerged shoalgrass, widgeongrass, and turtlegrass, all of which serve several different purposes along this unique slice of coastline. The abundance of these grasses enable quick filtering of silt and sediments in the West Matagorda Bay, Espiritu Santo Bay, and San Antonio Bay systems following high winds or stormy conditions, and this rapid clearing effect often allows for some of the greenest trout water anywhere along our Texas coast.

Secluded, shallow water lakes lined with duck willow and soft mud produce a year-round safe-haven for crustaceans, baitfish, and the ever-popular speckled trout, redfish, and flounder, and they also provide a promising escape from nagging winds for coastal anglers. All of this, in combination with the attraction of the famous history of trophy trout hunting amidst the vast shell of San Antonio Bay, helps make the Seadrift and Port O’Connor area a coastal fishing destination unlike all the rest. Next time you’re wanting to experience some of the best bay fishing available anywhere, give the professionals at Bay Flats Lodge a call to arrange a fishing trip for you and your party that promises to meet your greatest expectations. Come and see for yourself all that the Seadrift and Port O’Connor area and Bay Flats Lodge have to offer. You’ll enjoy every bit of it!

Artificial Lures

  • Get expert instructions and advise using artificial lures, where, when and how to use these options to fool trout and redfish.
  • Learn proper speed, technique, and size.
  • Bring your own equipment, or rent the guide’s rods/reels.

Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like a big redfish, or gator size trout, chasing down a topwater lure.  When that bronze-colored submarine raises its head and makes the water’s surface swirl like a flushing toilet beneath your lure, even the most seasoned and experienced saltwater angler gets goose bumps.  It doesn’t matter who you are!

Deb Ferns talks with the owners of Bay Flats Lodge located in Seadrift, Texas. Check out why you need to consider Bay Flats Lodge for your next duck hunt or fishing trip…you won’t be disappointed.

Bay Flats Lodge volunteering to the Coastal Hatcheries to catch brood stock trout so we can release future trout fingerlings into San Antonio Bay

Bay Flats Lodge is proud to volunteer our lodge, staff and guides to the Coastal Hatcheries San Antonio Bay Speckled Trout Enhancement Program.

Thanks and enjoy your adventure at Bay Flats Lodge.


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