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February 2, 2013

Wow! The opener to February and it feels like a mid-March day. But sure enough we are still in winter, that’s evident from our lack of water in the bay system. None the less it was a great couple of days in the water. Walking the ever shallow grass flats proved best. Pod after pod of redfish rose up in front of us, as we eased along. Scattered between the reds were a few select trout. These trout were not very interested in what we had to offer, but a couple of them couldn’t resist passing on our bouncing jigs.

The plastics seemed to have the best results for both our trout and reds. We were throwing plum, pumpkinseed-white, and tx roach all TTF flats minnows. And if it landed just right a pod of reds couldn’t resist the top water. It’s always a blast to watch two or three reds fight over top waters, especially when they come half way out of water from a pod.

The second day in the water had us scratching our heads a little. Jumping out at the same place we left our tailing friends the day before, you could tell something wasn’t right. It seemed to quiet across the water. Don’t know if it was the boat traffic or the few inches of water that returned overnight. But they weren’t there. We walked much further from the boat, than the day before. And only located one school. Leaving that spot let down, we focused our efforts on finding bait and pelicans. Running through the marsh flats, we came upon a couple big rafts of mullet.

With the nerves water and the pelicans crashing, we took our chance. With the guys throwing there day before favorite plastics, I tied on a gold spoon. The mullet were cruising along the edges of big sand pockets. Immediately after getting in the water we were hooking up. If you could land your lure just right into the sand pocket and drag the edge of it, a fish was sure to follow. We spent the rest of our day fighting these sand pocket reds. Never seeing a pod of them, one thing was for sure. There were plenty of singles cruising them looking for a meal.

If this is a sign of what’s to come, for our spring, it will without a doubt be a great one. And a sure as the tide, when our water levels climb back to normal and stay, the trout will get just as aggressive. I look forward to many more spring days, being able to jump out of the boat and chasing down these mysterious and pattern changing fish.

Captain Nathan Beabout
Bay Flats Lodge


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