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November 17, 2012


Do you like smoked BBQ, pulled pork, duck soup, potato salad, and cole slaw? If so, that’s on the lunch menu today. We’re having all 8 parties return for a sit down homestyle lunch back at the lodge. Getting back to our roots- Good hunting, fishing, and eating is what life is all about…

I was starting to get a little worried until that text came back from Captain Nick “We have 18 ducks and working on getting the rest.” He returned with the John H. party of 4 duck hunters, straps of ducks, and plenty of huge smiles. Captain Nick’s lab Bailey jumped off the boat rearing to go right back to the marsh. Labs never quit, neither do guides like Nick.

We welcomed Bill V. guests for a 7-boat afternoon fishing session – the trout bite just didn’t happen for them. I don’t know what to blame it on, maybe the cold front we experienced jus before they arrived. Redfish was the main focus, even these fish were hard to come by.  Captain Steven found limits for his guests, but it didn’t come till the last stop. All the other boats managed a scattered catch between reds mixed with black drum. Live shrimp was the main choice of bait, while rigged under a popping cork.


Saturday morning the lodge pulls the trigger with 3-groups blasting & casting, while the other 5 parties will experience a split day fishing session. We’re serving up pulled pork sandwiches, warm duck soup, and plenty of sides like homemade potato salad and cole slaw for lunch.


This morning I’m preparing a smoked pot roast on the electric smoker.

  1. Quarter up the meat, soak in salt brine for 16 hrs.
  2. Rinse, now roll in minced garlic and fresh ground pepper.
  3. Coat entire meat with dry rub.
  4. Inject brine in meat.
  5. Place in smoker 6 to 8 hours around 200 degrees. Remember slow and low is the only way to smoke.

Captain Chris Martin

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