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 Latest fishing report by Captain Rick Hammond

February 4, 2013


Over the last few days we have had some incredible weather, and it looks like an early spring is upon us. But for fisherman, the “Chamber of Commerce weather days” don’t always add up to good fishing, often this means that we have “high pressure” over us, making the fish skittish and not apt to bite as readily. Often, the fish are not in the same area 2 days in a row, because their food source has also moved, with no wind too keep bait penned in an area. You have to be prepared to change your whole gameplan based on what you are seeing IN the water. With the nice weather and clear water comes a great opportunity to scout fish from the boat. When cruising to my next fishing spot, I will often see schools of reds and trout pass under the boat. If I’m seeing schools of fish pass under the boat, I usually wont circle back around to fish them, but rather fish a little ways down from where I saw them, or just come back later in the day. Its not a good idea to jump out and fish towards a school of fish you just ran by with the boat, they are usually already spooked. Having good polarized sunglasses is a must for scouting this time of year, and I prefer glasses with a copper or amber colored lens.

Over the last 2 weeks the redfish action has been incredible, while the trout have been hard to pin down. The low tide levels, clear water, and sunny skies have made it tough to find off color water where trout like to ambush their prey. This time of year, if the water isn’t dirty, don’t plan on catching a bunch of trout in an area. Once the tide comes back up, many areas will start to hold more off-color water, and trout catches should improve.

On Friday I was joined by Bill M. and his friend, for a fun day of sight casting to reds. On our first stop, we got out of the boat on outside beach shoreline over hard sand. After walking 200 yards, and no bites, I could tell that I was going to have to scout and find where the schools were holding. We got back in the boat, and ran maybe 300 yards from where we were, when the water all around the boat erupted with redfish. We got out again and made a wade away from where I had spooked the school. Over the next 20 minutes we caught our limit of reds plus 2 trout in the 21″ range. The fish were set up over a shallow sandbar in front of back lake drains. The tide was slowly dropping out of the lakes, and the fish were in 6-8″ of water, just sitting there waiting for a meal to come by.

Usually this time of year, I would be fishing in the back lakes over mud bottom, but the extreme low tide levels have made that very difficult. Most fish we have been catching lately have been on sand/mud bottom in 10-18″ of water. TTF Killer Flats Minnows in Texas roach and Pearl/Pumpkin have worked best on 1/8 and 1/16oz. jig-heads. We have been working them fast with an erratic retrieve, with the rod tip high to avoid catching grass. On windy days, I have been focusing on mud bottom on windy shorelines in the back lakes. On calm days, the protected outside beach shorelines over hard sand have proved best.

Capt. Rick Hammond
Bay Flats Lodge

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