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Fly Fishing

Cast Toward Fly-Fishing Savings!

We are pleased to offer all interested fly anglers a 20% discount on any February or March, 2023, fly-fishing trip that you book with Bay Flats Lodge. There’s no better way to ring in the new year than by getting in on these spectacular fly-fishing savings while they last. Simply email or phone us at 888.677.4868 with the dates you’d

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A Winning Attitude

Written by Capt. Kyle Hodson – BFL Fly Fishing Guide   We have always heard that it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the amount of fight in the dog, that really matters when it comes to achieving a goal. That same winning sentiment is often the key to success in the sport of coastal fly-fishing,

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In Search of Environment

Written by Capt. Kyle Hodson – BFL Fly Fishing Guide   When fly-fishing, I often find myself looking for the right environment. This might mean locating a very specific detail, or finding a variety of puzzle pieces that lean toward bottom structure, bait, current, clouds, shadows, wind direction, water depth, water clarity, water temperature, or even pressure.   One thing’s

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Wings and Tails

It Starts in November A majestic time begins each year in November here at Bay Flats Lodge on the Texas coast. As our southern shores begin to cool, ducks look to Texas as an escape from the bitter northern winters. It’s a destination where the ducks find ample food provisions coupled with lavish marshlands and vast open warm bay waters.

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You’ll Be Back. We Promise!

    How often does someone patronize a hunting and fishing lodge specifically because of its over-the-top food, its attentive service staff, or its superb team of professional guides? You may think of a couple lodges you’d return to for one or maybe two of those features. However, you probably can’t find many that offer excellence in all three of those

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The Finest Coastal Fly-Fishing in Texas

    What are the top reasons to fly-fish at Bay Flats Lodge? Experience world-class accommodations and cuisine. Sight cast to schools of tailing redfish in ankle-deep, gin-clear water. Travel pristine Matagorda Island as you stalk redfish along 38 miles of uninhabited shorelines teaming with hundreds of species of birds, alligators, deer, and various other wildlife. Cast from the bow

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Come Fly With Us!

From the bay system to the accommodations, from the sight casting to the upscale dining, we’re your coastal fly-fishing destination. Its where saltwater fly-fishing aficionados can expect each part of their trip to be the most incredible part of their experience.     Welcome To Fly-Fishing Paradise Speed out to super remote creeks and salt flats in our state-of-the-art, ultra-light

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Plan A More Sustainable Fishing Trip

The term “conservation” often takes on different meanings based upon the subject of the conversation. For example, a homebuilder’s focal point may be to build homes with high energy conservation ratings. Farmers and ranchers in dry regions of the country focus primarily on water conservation to nurture their crops and livestock. Whereas it’s understandable that a coastal guide outfit may mainly

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Redfish Heaven – Texas Style!

  The Destination Angler Podcast featuring, Bay Flats Lodge owner, Chris Martin and our resident fly guides, Capt. Steve Branch and Capt. Joe Sneed is LIVE. Get some insight from the experts on why the Texas Coast holds some of the most unique opportunities to pursue redfish in the region. Listen now on – link in our story as

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Specks on the Fly With Capt. Joe Sneed

When it comes to saltwater fly fishing in Texas, sight fishing for redfish is what most people think of. There are compelling reasons for that, but today I want to tell you about fly fishing for big speckled trout.   Worthy Target Speckled trout are the most popular inshore saltwater game fish in Texas, and their willingness to hit flies

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