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Airboat Fishing Adventure

Air boat at speed with captain and passengers | Bay Flats Lodge | Texas Airboat Fishing

Texas Coastal Marsh

If you’ve spent any time in the coastal marsh areas of Texas, then you know the true meaning of solitude. Some of these areas can almost make you feel like you’ve been abandoned by the rest of the world. A place seemingly deprived of any inhabitants at all, at least to the naked eye. The marsh can easily be described as lonely and solitary, but seasoned marsh anglers call it fun, cool, and awesome. You might not be able to hear them say anything, however, over the loud big-block engine of the airboat.


Back Country

We use airboats to fish our mid-coast marsh areas because it allows us to navigate shallow areas holding fish. These areas are inaccessible by ordinary bay boat because they’re simply too shallow. Small guts and bayous fill the marsh with water and fish during a high-tide, which also fills back lake areas. These back lakes are unique to our region of the Texas coast, and are quite popular fishing areas. The best way to experience all that the marsh back country has to offer is via our airboat fishing trips.

Your Airboat Fishing Trip

Our airboat captains are United States Coast Guard certified, which ensures that you and your party are in the best of hands for your airboat fishing trip. Your captain may guide you across some of the many back lakes situated throughout neighboring Matagorda Island searching for fish. You might even take in the Guadalupe Delta at the head of San Antonio Bay for some seasonal redfish action. Either way, you’ll enjoy an airboat fishing adventure you won’t soon forget.


Other Wildlife

While enjoying your airboat ride to your fishing destination, you may notice other things besides tailing Redfish and Black Drum. You may also see wildlife like deer, boar, coyotes, alligators, hundreds of different kinds of birds, turtles, snakes, bobcats, and others. It’s anyone’s best guess as to everything you might see while on your airboat fishing trip. Come see why Matagorda Island and the Guadalupe Delta makes the San Antonio Bay region of Texas one of the most unique airboat fishing destinations along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.