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Capt. Jeffery Garner is as much at home on the water, and in the field, as he is anywhere else – he has literally been fishing almost his entire life (since before his second birthday).  Born in Victoria, Texas, Jeff and his family soon moved to Louisiana, but Jeff continued to spend much of his early years hunting and fishing the southern region of Texas with his grandparents.  Those years provided Jeff an opportunity to spend his adolescence honing both his hunting and his saltwater angling skills, and undoubtedly help to mold Jeff into the outdoorsman he has become today.

After completing high school in Florien, Louisiana, Jeff attended Nashville Auto Diesel College and Lincoln College of Technology, where he acquired certifiable recognition as a Diesel Mechanic and Electronics Technician. During the rise in the oil industry along the Gulf Coast states, he worked in the oil field as an Electronics Technician.  Life was good for everyone, but Jeff longed for his time on the water, and he made the decision to move back to Texas to allow himself to do more of that which he loves the most – fishing and hunting.

Upon returning to the lone star state, Jeff wasted no time in rediscovering the waters of the Coastal Bend bay systems, and spent most of his available time taking family and friends fishing.  Realizing he wasn’t going to be happy unless he was able to be out on the water on a regular basis, he acquired his U.S. Coast Guard OUPV (6-pack) license and his Texas Guide’s license in early 2015, and Jeff has since been working as a full-time saltwater fishing and duck hunting guide for Bay Flats Lodge, which is located on San Antonio Bay just outside the waterfront town of Seadrift, Texas.

When not guiding, Capt. Jeff spends his free time on area waters finding new places to explore.  To further this exploration, Jeff has spent the last two years covering the large open bays surrounding Port O’Connor and Seadrift, and the vast amount of back lakes situated out on Matagorda Island, with a 23 Shoalwater Cat.  In order to advance his abilities, Capt. Jeff will be upgrading to the 25’ Shallow Sport X3, powered by Evinrude, in early 2017.

“I’ve always been open to the idea of new challenges,” Captain Jeff said, “I’ve paved my own way entirely, so my whole professional life has been very risky, and there’s always been a high probablitly of failure” But Captain Jeff is accustomed to taking chances. “I always saw myself doing this,” he said. Sight casting redfish in the backcountry has always been a dream of mine. Now I’m turning that dream into reality.


Coastal Conservation Association of Texas



2015 – 421 Slam Invitational Fishing Tournament

2016 – Shallow Sport Owner’s Tournament

2017 – 421 Slam Invitational Fishing Tournament

2017 – Shallow Sport Owner’s Tournament

2017 – 2nd Annual Shrimpfest Fishing Tournament

Captain Jeffery offers airboat fishing and eco tours

Captain Jeffery offers airboat fishing, eco tours, and duck hunting.

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