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Have you fished during a cold front lately? If the answer is no, you really owe it to yourself and others to read the rest of this report. Cold fronts along the Texas coast tend to scare anglers not to fish…maybe it’s just too cold, or you don’t want to leave a toasty house? Give me a warm jacket, stocking hat, and gloves, oh and a fishing rod; trout fishing can get down right awesome this time of year.

This is exactly what happened for Jimmy A. party of 15-guests on Tuesday. Captain Jonathan found 24 trout by 8:30 AM, and called over several other guides. Captain Harold had a red fish rodeo in the making, and soon scooted over and popped his trout. Captain TJ was right on them too, he was able to score big on the trout. The anglers who chose to stay in the boat drift fishing with lures struggled, it wasn’t for the lack of trying while fishing with Captains Jason & Nathan.

It’s also a good idea to book two days in the winter months, especially when you have a slower day like the lure guys. Now, they have the choice to use live shrimp like the others, and hopefully get into the action on day-2.

The lodge welcomes 10 boats fishing Thursday, let’s hope the weather holds out and the fishing stays strong.

Tight Lines!

Captain Chris Martin